It’s often a fantasy picturing your partner having sex with someone else. Some people are born to swing as they see all relationships as open and meet a like-minded lover that shares their philosophy. However, some take more gentle steps into the world of swinging, using it as a way to spice up their sex lives without the deceit of an affair.

As both partners usually partake in the swinging, consciences are often clear, allowing both males and females a chance to enjoy other people without suffering the jealousy and blame that usually applies. Before you jump in, take a look at our beginner’s guide to swinging. It’s not ideal for everyone but can be a marriage saver for some.

How do I Get Into Swinging?

Singles and couples can both partake in swinging, however single women are more sought after than single men. Couples will find many other couples looking to swap partners, the trick is just knowing where to look.

Once you have both agreed on taking the leap, you need to work together to determine your tastes. There are many different styles of swinging and they all depend on your preference, reaching a compromise can be the biggest challenge you face in this new way of life.

The Different Types of Swinging

The different types include:

Soft Swing

This is perfect for the first time as it involves kissing, stroking and nibbling with one or more people. You can do this with your partner present and have multiple lovers, giving you a gentle introduction that doesn’t take you too far.

Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

One of the ultimate fantasies is to have sex with someone watching or to watch a partner having sex with another. Swinging covers this, allowing couples that enjoy voyeurism to live out their dreams. Watching is allowed in group sessions only, whereas Exhibitionism is allowed in a private setting. Don’t worry the rules of swinging will be explained later.

Peak Swap

Probably the definition of swinging itself and what the majority of non-swingers imagine when picturing the activity. It usually involves having penetrative sex with anyone other than your usual partner although variations are allowed.

Three Some

This explains why single women are more sought after than single men as this is a preferred swinging activity of choice for many couples, usually with the extra head being female. Many use this as a way to decide if they like swinging, having their partner present as they indulge in another.


Same sex swinging is more popular amongst women than men, and can be seen as rude if clear instructions have not been set out beforehand. Not all women are expected to take part in it but it is quite common especially when mixed with another form such as exhibitionism.

Extreme Swinging

Fulfilling every fantasy from BDSM to golden showers, this type of swinging is quite rare; however there are plenty of groups out there for people who like to partake. Some party organisers may have it as a theme one month, however you will be warned well in advance so you can prepare.

There are mountains of swinging clubs out there online and a quick search will throw up hundreds of results.