With the Kardashians inadvertently promoting risky aesthetic procedures and C4’s Bodyshockers showing us the after effects of aesthetics gone wrong, we met up with our award winning aesthetic nurse, Eve Bird, to find out what life was actually like in a Botox Clinic in Hull.

Eve is actually one in a million as she cares about every client she meets and this comes through in her recall of a day in her Botastic clinic.

What's up with our breasts? Should I be worried about this mole? All your embarrasing health questions answered with Sunday Woman nurses and doctors

What’s up with our breasts? Should I be worried about this mole? All your embarrasing health questions answered with Sunday Woman nurses and doctors

9am – Had a booking with one of my favourite clients who was worried her jowls were starting to sag. I personally think this lady is absolutely gorgeous and I told her so, but I know from experience that aesthetics is not just about what’s on the outside, it can boost someone’s confidence on the inside too and that’s exactly what this client needed. I know, through our chats, that her treatments are a real treat that she saves for and so I presented her with the most cost effective solutions that I believed would suit her age and face shape.

12 – A young girl came for a consultation demanding lips like Kylie Jenner. It’s so worrying that this is a trend now as although they do look great on the Kardashian clan, the inflated lips look doesn’t suit everyone. I prefer to administer a more subtle enhancement that looks natural rather than screams (I’ve had lip fillers, look at me!) and I discussed this with my potential young client. I also told her of the small risks while explaining how the lips would change her overall appearance. Of course, it is her decision and I would prefer, if she is adamant she’d like lip fillers like Ms jenner, that she came to me, a professional, caring prescriber rather than a back room clinic that could scar her for life (and leave her with more lumps than plump!)

2pm – A local celebrity breezed into the clinic, she’s always a pleasure to treat. Her red carpet lifestyle is so removed from my own life as a working mum that I lap up the gossip and look forward to hearing all about her recent antics. She always looks fabulous of course but has a lot less confidence than onlookers would give her credit for. She’s terrified of growing old, due to the young competition and likes to erase every wrinkle as it appears. This is a challenge for me, one that I readily accept, but one that I come across often. I want to retain her natural beauty while making the changes so subtle that she looks as if she’s growing older gracefully, without any help. It’s a task I’m proud to accomplish and one that I’m told makes me popular, to me it’s an ethos all aesthetic practitioners should adhere to. The challenge comes when there is a new wrinkle that my clients want obliterating immediately. As we age, our wrinkles deepen and so people will notice when we erase them. By leaving the movement for expression along with some fine lines that even 20 year olds have, I can ensure my client looks stunning, young and beautiful without erasing any of that wonderful personality.

6pm – As I lock up the clinic for the day I’m looking forward to going home to my boys, I can’t wait to hear all about my husband’s day and to see how my son got on at his rugby tournament. A cuddle from our new pup is in order too, while I’ve a book I want to devour. A lovely hot bath, a takeaway and a bottle of wine are in order! I love spending the day with my clients and seeing their confidence grow, it lets me end my days with a smile, and a feeling of a job well done. I wonder what the day will bring tomorrow?