Whilst many would-be lotharios might stick to asparagus and oysters to get their partner in the mood, Bondara, the UK’s third largest intimate toy retailer has been looking into what the most effective aphrodisiac foods are and today reveal that more unique dishes are the most powerful aphrodisiacs.

To celebrate National Orgasm day on the 31st July and put their findings to the test, the retailer is partnering with a top chef to launch the foods in the world’s first aphrodisiac sensual dining experience; pairing exotic dishes with sex toys, ready to both tickle diners’ fancies and feed their fantasies.

Kooky dishes scientifically proven to get you in the mood that will feature on the exclusive Aphrodisishack menu include:

Cockle bread: a bread baked by 17th century English women as a gift of affection to the object of their desire, supposedly effective as it was shaped using their intimate parts

Sheep testes: a delicacy eaten all over the world for hundreds of years, containing testosterone and minerals with strong aphrodisiac properties

Leaf cutter ants: otherwise known as Hormigas Culonas, these Amazonian critters are harvested by the Guane Indians and are served toasted both as aphrodisiacs and fertility giving foods during marriage ceremonies

Spanish fly: a powerful irritant obtained from blister beetles that has effects on the body’s genitourinary tract, stimulating blood flow to the genitals

Despite the unconventional ingredients, the food promises to be a culinary delight. Inspired chef Pratap Chahal, also known as That Hungry Chef and whose Michelin-starred restaurant experience includes cooking at Gordon Ramsay at Claridges, Chez Bruce and Cinnamon Club, will work his magic on creative dishes such as deep fried buttermilk sheep’s testicles with Tiger’s cream (Asian style sauce, does not contain tiger) and lusty slaw, as well as chilli-chocolate tart with leafcutter ants and pearl dust. One dish that’s being kept secret is sure to create a theatrical buzz for diners in more ways than one.

Guests can register for the exclusive tickets, priced at £30 per head, through the website and on a first-come first-served basis. Tickets include a welcome drink, six course taster menu and take-away goodie bag for any après-dinner antics that may or may not occur.

Tickets have sold out, but you can still butter up your other half at home by accessing some of the signature recipes from the menu here.

That Hungry Chef, Pratap Chahal, commented:

“This promises to be one of the most unique culinary experiences in London at the moment, and a must for foodies and enthusiasts of nights with a bit of a twist. We have worked hard on a menu that not only tastes sensational but also takes diners on a sensual journey – you will never see food in the same light again.”

One thing ticket buyers should note, is that if you can’t stand the heat, you should definitely get out of this kitchen.