With the New Year clipping at our heels, you may be wondering where 2014 has gone! Whilst many of us will see the start of a brand new year as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, many more may be struck down by post-Christmas blues, particularly if you have a long list of resolutions to fulfil.

Yes, January can be one month where our motivation levels hit an all-time low, but with a helping hand you can start the year off on the right foot. As the founder of Miss Galaxy Universe, the UK’s only all-female fitness pageant that welcomes women of all ages and shapes, I make it my mission to help all our girls build the confidence they need to wow on stage. In this blog offering I want to help you beat the New Year blues and take every challenge you encounter in the coming months in your stride.

If you’re going to set resolutions, think SMART!

There’s nothing more demotivating than setting a whole bunch of resolutions and falling at the first hurdle. However, if you are going to set yourself a few goals, keep them specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely, or SMART for short. Whilst you should always challenge yourself, setting unrealistic goals is one sure fire route to failure, and who wants to start their New Year like that!

When setting goals identify anything that might get in your way, whether it’s that fast food restaurant on your journey home from work or your busy schedule. In addition to this, always have a fall back plan and take the scenic route to ensure you make reaching your goals enjoyable.

Plan for the future

Whether you are suffering the New Year blues because you’re leaving a great year behind or are looking back at the drama of 2014, casting your eye to the future is an important motivational step. Whilst you almost certainly don’t have a crystal ball to help you to predict where you’re going to be in the next year, or the year after that, being disappointed about where you are isn’t an option either.

Look forward optimistically and with your smart goals and positive frame of mind, you can make 2015, well, your own!

Look after your mind, body and soul

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if one area of your life is going great, another area is destined to fail, but you can turn destiny on its head. By looking after your physical as well as your mental state, you can start the New Year with the bang that it deserves. Eat well and live well, whilst using your exercise regime to give your body a much needed boost.

Turn mentor

As well as being mentored by someone, there is no greater feeling than turning mentor yourself. Whatever your specialism, becoming a mentor for another person can be a positive and gratifying way to improve your own self-worth.

Make 2015 your year for positivity and greatness by taking challenges as they come, living more, laughing more and enjoying the ride.