We are in love with this compact. Here at Sunday Woman, we love luxury, we love understated glamour, we love chic and we adore quality. We’re not flashy, we’re quietly confident and we ooze sophistication when we walk into a room with our subtle designer appearance.

We don’t wear fake burberry T-shirts or real ones that boast the most popular pattern. We don’t add costume jewelry to an outfit just to draw attention. We’d rather choose smaller, but higher quality diamonds that are only noticable by those who share our same passion for the best fashion.

This is why we adore the Charles Mallory compact. Not only does it exude style and an obvious affinity with high quality accessories it’s also incredibly functional, beautiful and presented in a jaw dropping gift box that any woman, or man, would be delighted to receive.

Product Awards, Product of the Month

Sunday Woman Best Product of the Month Award

That’s why this compact wins our product of the month award, the best beauty accessory we’ve seen in 2015.

Available now, with a generous discount at Geminera who you can find on the new beacon technology APP BrandStreet.