New Data from Reveals Where Cheaters Travel for Discreet Affairs, with Brits choosing the US to cheat on their partners.

What better time to pursue a little something on the side than when you’re miles away from home? Based on responses from a survey of 106,312 members of the discreet dating site Ashley Madison, 48.4% of men and 32.1% of women polled have had an affair while travelling outside of the country. Internal data reveals that the U.S. is the most popular rendezvous retreat for British men (24.1%) and women (20.4%).

According to data, UK cheaters are most often looking for affairs while on vacation in the following countries:

Men Women
United States 24.1%Spain 14.9%

France 12.4%

Germany 8.2%

Ireland 7.7%

United States 20.4%France 16.3%

Spain 11.8%

Ireland 8.7%

Portugal 7.2%

“There’s no better time to pursue a discreet affair than when you’re hundreds or even thousands of miles away from home,” says Noel Biderman, CEO and Founder of Ashley Madison. “Many of our members are executives, business owners and entrepreneurs where travel is part of the job. Mixing business with pleasure is an easy way to have an out-of-town hookup without the concern of being caught.”

While some unfaithful husbands and wives pursue foreign hookups, many unfaithful men and women cheat on home soil. Below are the 10 most popular British hotels for discreet hookups:

Mandarin Oriental 24%

The Ritz 19%

Claridge’s 14%

Four Seasons 12%

The Goring Hotel 9%

The Savoy 7%

Ace Hotel 6%

Marriott 4%

The Dorchester 3%

Premier Inn 2%

Biderman adds, “Many hotels make a significant amount of their profits off of affair clientele, and are more than happy to turn the other cheek when guests make reservations under a fake name and leave after only a few hours.”