We’ve been testing Christmas chocolates and lots of them. This year it has been more than about the taste, it’s also been about the quality of the gift.

We have to say that there is one stand out winner that in our minds makes the best chocolate products every year. These products help us with parenting, stocking filling, last minute gifts and decoration.

Of course, it has to be..

Winner : Butler’s Huge Dessert Selection

We love Butlers and we’re quite perplexed as to why they aren’t more popular as their selections are absolutely divine. This generous HUGE dessert collection is no different, and Butler’s always exceed expectations with taste, every time.

Godiva Truffles

Godiva chocolates are a luxury that don’t cost the earth. We loved testing out their chocolate dipped strawberry cones in Covent Garden and Regent Street this Christmas (Straight after we met Idris Alba!).

You won’t be disappointed with this small box of delicious truffles as they do ooze class and sophistication, there just needs to be more for sharing.

Pana Chocolate

The Merry Christmas box is absolutely delightful as is the rest of the collection from Pana Chocolate. We love it all and we’ve only been introduced this year. It’s fantastic. It’s also a lot healthier than regular chocolate so almost guilt free. Make sure you do check it out.


Lindt has dropped four places this year due to the lack of originality as there doesn’t seem to be anything different, unless we’re looking in the wrong place! We still like them though and they do have a respectable position.

We have quite the collection in the office. These are our favourite chocs of Christmas!

These are from last year, this year’s collection has grown further still!

Although we didn’t get to try it, Lindt actually has a teddy bear with a real diamond necklace. It retails at £120. For now, we’ll just console ourselves with the giant sweety! Their reindeer antlers are quite cool too.


We love it.

Not a Little Deer – Ferrero Rocher

We loved the bunnies that ferrero brought out at Easter and we were really hoping they’d take a tip from Lindt and maybe produce a reindeer but maybe next year! What they do have is very tasty though and was very well received. The huge Ferrero Rocher for the tree is excellent and our favourite single chocolate. We actually gave it away to someone we know who adores ferrero rocher but if you have any spare, we’d love them! Ferrero have also brought out some great new flavours, we loved every one, although some of the wrappers are difficult to get into!

Ferrero have made their biggest chocolate bigger still this year with an ENORMOUS Ferrero Roche you will not want to give away!

Classically Reassurring – Guylian

We’ve not noticed Guylian do anything different this year, except for their advent calender but it is reassurring that their seahorse boxthat has a Christmas touch tastes as good as ever. Generously packaged with enough chocolates to make you feel queasy this really is for a true chocolate addict.

True Indulgence – Hotel Chocolat

We began to avoid Hotel Chocolat after we saw on social media how many calories one of their Easter Eggs contained. It was over 6000! We may have been a little unfair as we’ve never compared this to other brands, it just seemed like such a lot. It is Christmas though and we particularly like this selection.

Back to Being a Kid Again – Cadburys

We were devastated when we heard Cadbury’s would no longer be making their Christmas coins but there are many substitutes out there. Do children ever worry about the taste or is the fact that it’s choclate money enough? Anyhow I digress.  Brilliant for budget lovers as it always tastes like Cadbury’s.

In our house, we still love the GIANT selection boxes. I think my mum used to buy them from Makro in Hull! Today they’re quite hard to get hold of, but worth it. You’ll find them in the Cadbury shop online and when you do, please send us some. (Five), it was quite worrying that Cadbury themselves had no idea what I was talking about when I chatted to them about this article. Very odd as we think the giant selection boxes are their best buy at Christmas.

Chocolate Everything – Whittards

We’re so pleased Whittards have hung around as Christmas isn’t the same without them. Although we do adore their chocolates we’re particularly fond of their dreamtime hot chocolate (great on Christmas Eve for children) and their chocolate truffle filter coffee!

This year their chocolate tins are reusuable too and they look great on the shelf, Whittards have truly surpassed themselves.

Quietly Competing – QVC

We’ve seen a lot of QVC online this year and we’re pleased to say we love what we’ve seen. They’re bringing their best products to shoppers who don’t watch the shopping channel and we’re loving it. This chocolate truffle making set saved me a LOT of time and effort, while the instructional video is highly amusing too. High Five QVC!




For those without a chocolate tooth:

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