Teen girls can be hard to buy for which is why we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for teens. Many items on this list will be loved by boys too! This isn’t your usual gift guide for teen girls, as our girls are not very girly. They like football, anime, geeky products, Pokemon and more. Some do like a little makeup but we’ve tried to stay away from it so we can bring you a gift guide with a difference. We’re sure you’ll find gift ideas here for him, and for you too. Without further ado, here’s what we’ve found this Christmas.

Roxi from Electricjukebox.com

Roxi is a brilliant product that brings the whole family together. If you don’t relish the idea of a board game this year you should consider Roxi. It’s a jukebox for the whole family and connects to your TV. You receive a year’s subscription to thousands of tracks, a microphone and the kit. We love it.

Ariana Grande Perfume

Even if she doesn’t like makeup she will like to smell great and this perfume from Ariana Grande ticks all the boxes. If she’s a teen now, she’s no doubt grown up watching Sam and Cat and so will be very familiar with Ariana Grande.

Pentel Dual Glitter Pens

Stationary is one gift all girls have asked for this year, as a teen girl can never have enough pens. These Pental Dual glitter pens are a great stocking filler and unlike others, they show up on dark paper too.

Betty Box

The Betty Box is one of our favourite subscription boxes of all time. It’s aimed at teen girls going through puberty and includes everything they need, along with a few treats. It’s happy and positive and merry and bright, while it delivers a box every month. This is the gift that keeps on giving and is perfect for any teen girl. This is why it’s won one of our Top Product Awards!

Playertek Football Performance Enhancer

This could also be a good addition to the gifts for him guide as it enhances football performance through the use of a device. You can choose the size of top, from extra small to extra large. It’s ideal for any budding football player. Look it up! It makes a great gift for both boys and girls, and with girl’s football on the rise, we couldn’t resist including it in our teen girls guide. We think she’ll love it.

Magnitone First Step

We’ve reviewed magnitone before and are impressed with the quality of clean it delivers, which is why we love this First Step gift box. It’s soft and gentle, in a lovely dusty pink, while the unit is a little smaller for smaller hands. It’s a great way to introduce a teen girl to the joys of a regular skincare routine.

Regatta Desotto III Mid Layer Coat

Clothes for Christmas may be a little staid but this mid layer coat from Regatta will be well received. It has special tailoring which doesn’t hide the figure when worn, while keeping the wearer dry and clean. It’s trendy without being over the top and really functional too. Our teen girl adores it, and she’s not so easy to please.

Zelda Triforce Light

The Zelda triforce light is a bedside lamp with a difference. It omits just enough glow to read a book and looks amazing on a shelf. Feed her gaming ambitions.

RCA by Venturer Mercury 7L 

This easy to use tablet is a great affordable device for any teen girl asking for a tablet this Christmas. The apps can be downloaded from Google Play and it has all the functionality of an iPad, just at a fraction of the cost.

Shaeffer R2D2 Pen

Another that could be in the gifts for him section, the R2D2 pen from Shaeffer is the ultimate stationary gift for a teen girl or boy. It comes presented in a black leather case and writes smoothly and without fuss, while looking great.

Office Monster Pukka Pads

The Pukka Pads are great stocking fillers for making sure she has everything she needs for school. Girls and boys always have so much to write, to jot down, that it makes sense to choose pads with a little quality like these ones.

Buddy Hooks and Lego Lunch Boxes from A Place for Everything

The Buddy hooks are ideal for a teenagers bedroom, they look funky on a wall and are sturdy enough to hold a good sized backpack. The Lego lunch boxes are the ideal size for a lunch on the go, while they can also be used for bedroom storage.

Ironman Cookie Jar

The Ironman cookie jar is an ideal gift for the girl or boy that loves superheroes. It has a generous capacity and looks great on the shelf, it doesn’t even have to hold cookies. We love it.


Filofax have some amazing journals and diaries available right now which are ideal for girls who like to write a blog or a journal. You can remove and add pages at will, and customise to your own needs while they come in a range of fancy metallic finishes.

Orla Kiely Mug Personalised from msmugs.com

If she’s old enough for a cup of tea, she’s old enough for a good quality bone china mug to have it in. The personalised offerings from msmugs are stylish and grown up, which is why we believe she’ll love the Orla Kiely mug.

Harry Potter Patronus Luminart

There are few girls who don’t adore Harry Potter and this lumniart feeds their imagination and passion for all things dark arts. It sports Harry’s patronus in the form of a stag and looks great even when it’s not lit up. We’re giving it our Top Product Award as it’s impressed every person that’s seen it hanging on the wall!

Spearmark Satchel

The spearmark satchel is a bright colourful lunch bag that keeps food cool during the summer and winter months. With generous capacity and incredible design, we love its take on the satchels of old. You can add a class name or even a photograph, it’s sure to be well received this Christmas.

Soda Stream White Fizzy

Last year every girl wanted a slush or smoothie maker. This year it’s back to the eighties with a Soda Stream, however there’s nothing dated about this model. The sleek design looks great on the kitchen counter, while it’s lightweight and easy to use for any teen. Make tap water sparkle with a product she’ll love as much as you did in the eighties!