As Halloween approaches corsets are all the rage. This is an excuse for those of us who don’t wear corsets everyday to experiment with the waist training craze. There’s absolutely no doubt that a good corset can make you appear slimmer while also giving you a great silhouette under any outfit.

This does, of course, depend on the fit. You need to buy a good quality corset to give you a nice silhouette. A corset that is too small will push up the flab you’re trying to hide, leading to unsightly bulges under your arms and around your thighs! Trust me, I’ve tried!

If a corset can make you look slimmer, can it actually make you weigh less? In short, can it make you slimmer for real?

The short answer is, yes. The question we should really be asking is, is it healthy to use a corset to lose weight? The answer is complicated.

How Can a Corset Make You Slimmer?

Corsets work by squashing the waist, this in turn prompts you to breathe in. Just as if you were training yourself to have a better posture, a corset can train you to stand up straight and to tuck in your stomach muscles. This leads to strengthening of those muscles, the abdominal muscles and the obliques, which tighten and streamline to help you achieve a better frame. Along with this, the corset can also help with a diet, as it restricts the capacity of the stomach in much the same way a gastric band does. You will not want to each much wearing a corset, as it’s the opposite of an elasticated waist.

Considering this, yes, a good corset (good being the optimum word) can help you achieve a better figure and can help you lose weight.

Are Corsets Unsafe?

Corsets aren’t unsafe unless you put your body under a lot of stress. For example, some women will wear a corset 24 hours a day. This is too much. Others will buy smaller sizes and put their organs under undue pressure, this will, of course, have ramifications for the wearer.

As with any beauty product or fashion accessory, from foundation to high heels, it’s always best to wear corsets in moderation. Of course, for Halloween, it’s absolutely fine and you will look amazing in your chosen outfit!