Maybe you’ve tried every diet on the market and still can’t shed those pounds. Here are some dieting myths which may help you avoid the next crash diet.

Fad Diets Work

If this was true why there isn’t just one fad diet on the market that everyone follows? Fad diets may work in short term weight loss, that’s if you’re lucky, but long term fad diets are an impossibility to keep up. The best way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle. Eat healthy and regularly, exercise at least three times a week and make sure you rest enough. Soon it will become second nature and you’ll never have to diet again.

Cutting out carbs is good for you

Cutting out carbohydrates may seem like a sure fire way to cut back on calories but if you’re serious about a healthier lifestyle this isn’t the way to go. Your body needs the energy before it can burn it off. Yes, your body takes longer to burn off fat ingested than carbohydrates but there’s a reason for that and a good reason why a low fat diet is much more effective. A diet high in fat and low in carbs can lead to heart disease and disruption of most of your major organs. Healthy choice? Think again.

Certain Foods can help you lose weight

Grapefruit, cabbage and celery have all been heralded as the best foods for helping you lose weight, the cabbage soup diet and eating grapefruit before every meal will not shed the pounds. Caffeine in the short term can help to give your metabolism a boost however this results in a dip and unnatural fatigue.

Eating Late at night will add on the pounds

This is not true, you will add on the pounds if your total calorie intake for the day exceeds the amount you have burned off regardless of the time you choose to eat. Eating late at night, however, can lead to extra calories you wouldn’t normally indulge in as it’s quite easy to reach for that extra handful of popcorn whilst watching the television.