In today’s modern society from the outside it looks as though women have succeeded. We’ve finally got our equal rights, we’re respected in the workplace and we have the ability to have it all. However now that we’re here, many of us are finding that to have it all something must be sacrificed and that something is usually you.

You may have the dream career, you may have the 2.4 children, you may have the happy marriage but still something is missing. You’re not alone; many women have this nagging feeling, as if they’ve forgotten something on their journey to the perfect life. Do you deserve to be happy? Find out with our quiz.

Have You Forgotten Something?

The thing you’ve forgotten is you. In trying to achieve, to be the best mum, the doting daughter, the wonderful wife and the busy career woman, you’ve left behind little pieces of yourself. You’ve probably put yourself low on your list of priorities believing that family and friends come first.

Do You End Each Day with a Little More Regret?

Maybe you end each day with a little regret just wishing that there were more hours in a day, or maybe you feel such a sense of accomplishment when you please other people that you believe that is your own reward. You could be feeling isolated as you have few real friends, or you could be experiencing disharmony in your relationships, whatever is missing, we will find it and make you complete once again.

Are You Self Sacrificing for Others?

Looking after yourself isn’t about taking hours out of your schedule to pamper yourself from head to toe; it’s a state of mind, a consciousness or a little angel on your shoulder that allows you to be happier from the inside out. Through deep hypnosis and bespoke techniques tailored to complete your personal missing link, you can feel happier everyday which will please others as a result.

Through our tailor-made treatments we’ll delve deep to reveal obstacles standing in your way, through uncovering and treating these problems we’ll also resolve any underlying issues such as comfort eating, anxiety, stress, insomnia and other problems that come from feeling a little down.

Although intensive, it is not invasive the way we work, as we’ve been there too and that is why we believe every woman should be able to benefit from feeling happy, every minute of every day.

Are You Left with Burnt Toast?

Teri Hatcher famously named her autobiography Burnt Toast in homage to her mother who would sacrifice herself for the sake of her friends and family. She recalled that her mother would always take the worst plate of food in order for everyone else to benefit. Yet she didn’t want her daughter growing up with the notion that her needs are not important, and so she told her a story about burnt toast, letting her know that she deserved the same as everyone else.

As a mother, a friend, a daughter or wife, we often take the burnt toast as we believe we don’t really matter and our enjoyment is nothing compared to that of the people around us. Yet, you will see when we make you happier, more content, more secure and self-assured that when you smile and when you take care of yourself, the world follows suit by showering you with love and respect.

We hope you’ll allow us on your own personal journey, if only for a little while, so we can make sure you whistle as you walk!