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Brilliant product that will revolutionise the way we store. I want them all!


If you haven’t heard of Flatstacks I’ll give you a quick summary before the flatstacks review. Flatstacks are the new generation of Tupperware, a new invention that solves Tupperware problems you didn’t know you had. Are they a gimmick, will they be forgotten when the new year rolls in or have they really reinvented the way we store, preserve and stack? Let’s find out.

This is what they look like when they’re compressed


This is what they look like at full size


I’m not exaggerating when I say these have changed my life. I’m far too excited about these. If these were included in my mum’s tupperware parties many years ago I may have actually enjoyed being dragged along. They’re amazing.

I’m a baker, I love baking and I love picnics and packed lunches. I send my children off to school with all manner of treats from a weekend in the kitchen. The old style tupperware boxes are bulky, and if I want to keep food separated I have to smother it in cling film. Not any more. With these I can collapse to the right size but more than that, my children can also collapse them to nothing after their lunch which means they can bring home a smaller bag and have more space to bring home art projects (yey! -that’s sarcastic by the way, why do we have to do the school’s recycling for them?)

They’ve solved a problem and my children love using them due to the bright colours. They’re quite simply wonderful. The only drawback is the price as I wanted to fill the kitchen with these but it would cost about £500 to replace