We’ve been testing a lot of eggs but we’re not sick of chocolate yet. If you’re just heading out to buy some eggs for the hunt this weekend, be inspired by our different discoveries!

Disclaimer: We DON’T receive any profit/ money from the links on this page, click away 🙂

Posh Choc


This is chocolate at its finest. We tried the cracked boiled eggs, (all chocolate of course). Incredible quality and a real delight, posh choc at its best.

Cheap but Cheerful


If you haven’t the budget for Carluccios head down to your local Lidl as their selection is vast this year with chocolate chickens, bunnies and sheep. There’s something for everyone and it won’t break the bank.

A Nice Surprise


Morrisons, another cheaper alternative also surprised us this year as their own brand eggs are an absolute delight and bound to bring a smile to your face. The chocolate tastes great too!

Top EGG!

Scandi Sweetie Eggs

These took us back to our childhood, they’re an absolute delight and so colourful. There’s little chocolate but anyone receiving this egg will be your best friend forever. Incredible and such high quality too!

Available until Easter at ScandiKitchen Café and online on www.scandikitchen.co.uk

The Healthier Alternative

Holland and Barrett

Head down to Holland & Barrett, one of the UK’s most significant retailers in Free From food, to discover the wealth of delicious chocolate Easter treats that don’t compromise on taste or quality.

Nutritionist, Alex Thompson says: “There is an estimated 10 million food allergy and intolerance sufferers in Britain and the only reliable means to avoid adverse effects, in most cases, is avoidance of the food allergen in question which can mean going without seasonal treats. Thankfully, Holland & Barrett have hand selected a range of Free From Easter delights which means you can enjoy these chocolate treats whether you have certain food allergies or intolerances, are avoiding sugar or just trying to cut down your carbon footprint.”

The New Willy Wonka

Monty BoJangles

These are a company that are carving out a real name for magical confectionary. The new Willy Wonka!

This Easter, impress family and friends with the delicious range of eggs from Monty Bojangles. Adding to the existing scrumptiously scoffable Easter Egg collection, Monty Bojangles is launching the new Taste Adventures Easter Egg guaranteed to satisfy all sweet taste buds this year. From egg hunts to luxury gifts, Monty Bojangles has something for every one.

An Alternative Treat


Egglings are amazing, an egg that lets you grow something such as carrots or strawberries. We love them. Excellent quality and a great gift for anyone, not just the green fingered, as they can be grown on a windowsill in a pot.

Buy one for yourself! www.egging.com