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If you're looking to cautiously dip your toe (or tongue) into this trend of the moment then Gyoza bar is the place to go


It’s safe to say that we’re getting a little more adventurous when it comes to our dining haunt of choice and nothing reflects the demand more than the flavoursome, cultural Gyoza Bar set in Covent Garden – the first ramen and gyoza joint to hit London.


If Gyoza hasn’t hit your radar as of yet it’s definitely a trendy dish to try! A traditional Japanese dish, Gyoza are small dumplings packed with a choice of meats, salmon or vegetables and feature an array of chilli oil, garlic vinegar and usami soy to name a few. Gyoza Bar is fairly new to the scene, having  opened recently, thanks to the success of its sister restaurant, Murukami, which is right next door. It’s a culinary experience to say the very least and the staff are ready and willing to chat you through the menu and make their own recommendations.  It’s a deceptive space and you could almost miss it if you walk past but once you’re inside, this relaxing, dimly lit and atmospheric eatery appeals to all. We saw everyone from business bods slurping ramen whilst bashing out ideas through to excitable foodies (that’s us) and were told by our host that Gyoza Bar is a firm favourite with the Japanese community in the area – always a good sign. 

Food, glorious food…

You can choose either to have you Gyoza deep fried, pan fried or steamed (or all three if you’re looking to make an informed decision on which is your favourite). If Gyoza isn’t for you (we won’t judge… much) you can choose from seven Ramen noodle soups which you can mix up with tasty side plates from crispy tofu with teriyaki sauce, spring onion and chilli to deep fried salmon katsu on skewers served with wasabi mayo.

Sunday Woman’s stand out feature….

A somewhat under estimated hero of Gyoza Bar is actually the Bao Buns which put your traditional bread roll to shame. These generously steamed, filled buns are somewhat bread like but without aren’t accompanied by a feeling of lethargy and are packed with flavour combinations you just wouldn’t anticipate. We can’t recommend the ‘Happy Buns Bao Board’ strongly enough. For just £8.50, you’ll get a pulled pork bun, a stewed belly pork bun and a chicken katsu bun which are perfect for sharing.

What we like….

At Sunday Woman, we’re all about new experiences but, quite naturally, want to feel comfortable whilst we are in them. Our stand out feature at Gyoza is that nothing about your journey through the meal is intimidating. The lunch offering in particular features a handful of favourites and has a straight forward, easy to understand menu that are descriptive enough that you’re not Googling under the table.

What we like a little less…

It’s surprisingly hard to find and if you’re not au-fait with the area you might find yourself wandering up and down the bustling St Martin’s Lane following your map. The exterior is still quite heavily dominated by its sister restaurant so be careful that you don’t walk into the wrong venue. Whilst we’re sure Murukami is delightful, nobody should miss out on Gyoza bar’s Bao Buns.

Well, who’d have thought…

You can watch the Gyoza chefs in action by booking yourself a ringside seat at the restaurant as all the food is prepared and made right in front of you. So, if you’re looking for a little inspiration or theatre, plan ahead 

It’s your perfect place if….

You want to cautiously dip your toe (or tongue) in this trend of the moment over a casual lunch, without exposing yourself to intimidating dishes and menus.


The small print…

Opening hours: 12:00pm-11:30pm (Mon/Tues), 12:00pm-12:00am (Weds-Sat), 12:00pm-11:00pm (Sun)


Prices range from: £3.50 (Salted or spicy edamame) to £16 (Gyoza 20 pcs party set)

Visit https://gyozabar.uk for more information