You may assume that once a client uses you once you will be their first port of call in the future. However, clients are business people just like you and will always be looking for a cheaper deal or a better service.

The trick is to show them that they won’t find a better service elsewhere. If you save them time and money they’ll be more likely to choose you again. Here are a few tips on how to keep your clients happy.

Bite your Tongue

Most clients will be wonderful to work with and an absolute pleasure to behold, however some will assume that if they only had the time they’d be able to do your job with one hand tied behind their back. Maintaining professionalism at all times is crucial to keeping clients. This is where freelancing rocks. As most communication is executed through email you have time to formulate your responses and you can delete words before they send. Try not to get into discussions about personal lives, your weekend away or the fact you slept through your alarm. All the client wants to know is “can you do the work, quickly and cheaply?” Show them the answer is yes.

Do your Research

Most people have a web presence especially if launching a business online. When you take on a new client do your research and write down any relevant notes. This also helps with your web design as if you can see examples of web designs they like, you’ll be less likely to pester them for information, and clients adore a freelancer that can just do it!

Check In but Don’t Spam!

Some freelancers send a newsletter weekly or monthly, or invite clients to their personal blog. In our opinion this is a big mistake. If your client receives weekly newsletters, they’ll probably be too busy to read them. Their mind-set will change and almost immediately they will mark any mail from you as spam.

Instead check in with a personal email, make sure to check on their website and see how it’s doing, then ask if they need anything. Offering your aftercare services for free for any adjustment they may need will be beneficial to both of you as it prolongs the working relationship and if their site grows they’ll want you to design the pages.

Keep a Record

Whenever you invoice you’ll have an address of the company. Go back to the eighties and fill out a rolodex on your desk of work done, name, and business and address. You can then use this when any important holidays arrive such as Christmas. Sending out Christmas cards to clients keeps you at the forefront of their mind when they embark on new ventures for the New Year.