Dear Aunty,

It’s my boyfriend’s birthday and I’d love to buy him a present but I got a bit carried away and spent all my money on him at Christmas. Now I don’t have any spare cash at all. I know he’ll be expecting a great gift or two as I’ve always spoiled him rotten but with his birthday so close to Christmas I forgot and now I’m too skint to buy him a present.

Dear Miss Money Penny

You’re not alone. There are tonnes of people finding it hard to make ends meet this year and unfortunately birthdays fall into the luxury category where you need disposable to income to buy a present. You can turn this to your advantage though. Give him everything he wants. Make sure you take a day off work, wait on him hand and foot, give him a massage, try anal for the first time or make this the day you find his G-spot. Tell him you wanted to give him the things money can’t buy!