Magazine Advertising on Sunday Woman is strictly by invitation only. We are unique as despite having tens of thousands of readers we don’t clog our space up with irrelevant adverts. We want to keep our content pure, so when you visit our website and delve deep into Sunday Woman you’re not duped by links taking you away from our magazine, or made to wait for content as an ad pops up. You won’t find any pop up blockers on Sunday Woman, you won’t have to navigate through adverts to get to the article you want to read and you’ll never be faced with content that tries to sell you skinny pills or dubious products.

We do love to shop though and know you do too, so if you are in a shopping mood please check out our product reviews. We don’t charge to review a product we only ask for a sample so our focus groups can test it. This way, you know, that every product we recommend really deserves our seal of approval (and hasn’t bought itself an award!)

There are very few companies who fit with our ethos of keeping advertising to a minimum which is why our spots are by invitation only.