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Chocolate Brownie -Indulgent Summer Fruit Pudding - A Taste of Summer

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We test a lot of food, and we’re also fans of The Great British Bake Off so it makes sense that we’d try the new Mary Berry Desserts from Waitrose.

For this review, we enlisted the help of a real food blogger who knows her puddings, her name is Lindsay and you can find more of her foody reviews at her personal blog over at Bare Cupboard

This is what Lindsay thought of the great desserts from Mary Berry!

Mary Berry’s Luxury Summer Fruit Pudding.

I loved this dessert! Given that summer fruit pudding is one of my all time favourite desserts, I was expecting great things and this did not disappoint. Mary Berry’s Luxury Summer Fruit Pudding achieves the perfect balance of sweet to tartness, creating an oozy and comforting dish. The luscious fruits take the taste buds straight into summer, transporting the mind to thoughts of lazing about in the back garden with a glass of ice cold Prosecco. The dessert goes perfectly with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, and is best served in the sun!

Mary Berry’s My Indulgent Belgian Chocolate Brownie Pudding

This dessert is everything a chocolate brownie pudding should be. A wonderfully crisp, cakey exterior houses a rich, gooey middle resulting in a gorgeous, chocolatey heaven. The accompanying white chocolate sauce adds an extra layer of moisture making the dish extra naughty. Certainly not for the health-conscious out there but calorie counting is so last year. My only complaint is that it wasn’t double the size!

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