You will be surprised at just how far each unprotected encounter can take you…

You may have heard of the six degrees of separation, where it is said, everyone on the planet is connected by a separation of just 6 people. Imagine then, how far and wide your direct and indirect sexual encounters may range – even just sleeping with a select few people. This thought has inspired the ‘sex degrees of separation calculator’, created by LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor to raise awareness of just how easily STIs can be contracted and spread if precautions are not taken and to encourage people to get regular STI tests.

When entering the number of people you have had sex with and their age range, the clever calculator raids its database to work out on average how many previous sexual partners people within that age range have had. This is then repeated six fold to see just how far your sexual encounters may span.

To put the calculator in to context let’s take a look at how far around the globe some of our favourite fictional characters have spread themselves.

So who do you compare to?

How I Met Your Mother:

Barney Simpson (250:83,221,041), Ted Mosby (22:8,066,566), Robin Scherbatsky (17:6,012,206),
Marshall Eriksen (2:408,208), Lily Aldrin (2:478,209)


Joey (51: 14,939,557) Monica (14:5,081,281), Chandler (10:4,117,907) Rachel (15:5,587,994), Ross (14:5,191,392) and Phoebe (32: 13,224,603)

Sex and the City:

Samantha (42: 18,604,563), Carrie (18: 6,883,031), Charlotte (18: 6,635,089) and Miranda (17: 6,052,152)

Sex Degrees of Separation is not intended to be a diagnostic tool. It is designed to give you a rough estimate of the number of indirect sexual partners you may have had, going back six degrees of separation. It is based on the averages of claimed sexual partners within 17 different age ranges.

So how do you compare? If you would like to know more about the LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor  sex degrees of separation calculator and learn about how far your sexual encounters may have spread, have a go

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