When it comes to swallowing spunk the nation is divided, whether heterosexual or homosexual, everyone has clear ideas about their liking for the white stuff. Some declare that they would never ever swallow the product of man’s body, no matter how much love is involved, whereas others simply see no wrong.

Personally, I think spitting is quite rude, as imagine, as a woman if you received oral sex only for your partner to wash his mouth out after the event. During the act of pleasure you’d constantly wonder if your taste was offending him as we may not ejaculate but we do have a lot of moisture that needs licking up!


Imagine too if when kissing French style, your lover spat on the ground to remove your saliva from their mouth? Soon you’d be avoiding all sexual contact and rushing off to find someone who wants to share these secretions with you! Of course it’s a personal choice and a topic for debate but just to convince you further here are some reasons why swallowing is actually GOOD for you (and thoroughly health enhancing too!)

Mood Enhancing

Studies show that the hormones in semen can enhance your mood. It makes sense really the release of all that testosterone. Breast milk is thought to be the most nutritious meal for a baby so why can’t semen do the same for adults? Although the mood boosting survey may have been a result of the actual sex involved, there’s still no denying that it makes you feel like you’ve taken one of the team and lets him climax without you breaking your stroke!

Bug Fighting

Semen is actually a great cure for a sore throat as it slides down easily and soothes the larynx. However you may want to avoid it if you’ve developed a cold sore due to the cold you have or you could inadvertently give him herpes- it’s a double edged sword. On another health note, it also lowers blood sugar so could help fight diabetes, making it the best antidote to the box of chocs you scoffed in front of the telly.

Skin Rejuvenating

Full of protein semen is good for the skin as it adds nutrients. So if you really can’t handle the thought of swallowing let him explode over your face, your breasts or anywhere that could do with a little TLC! He won’t know you’re looking for a cheap facial instead he’ll be pleased that you’re lapping it up.

Satisfies Appetites

At 20 calories a spoonful (or 5 – info is conflicting) semen is hardly going to cure world hunger however it can dispel that salty craving. I like to see it as an oyster as it slides past tonsils effortlessly leaving a salty aftertaste. Maybe this is why oysters are considered an aphrodisiac as they remind us of just that! If he varies his diet with pineapple, cranberries or almonds the taste will be sweeter!