Moving house or workplaces is never easy. No matter how prepared you are some factors are out of your control and it’s these that can throw a spanner in the works.

For me, this past two weeks, I quite literally had a nightmare and despite all plans to have a happy, fun relocation, the reality was anything but.

With ten days away from the office, I was promised pamper time, family and friends told me I’d have a chance to put my feet up as they unpacked, doing little more than choosing the right curtains for a room or testing out the new oven. In fact, I’m glad to be back at work, I’m absolutely exhausted and shattered from being the problem solver. I’ve had just 30 mins rest when I fell asleep in the garden and am loving the comfort of the office chair.

Despite all of this, there are some products that managed to make it bearable, more than that, they made it fun. They gave me the time to enjoy myself, and made me feel thoroughly indulged while reminding me why relocating is such an adventure.

Top to Toe Pampering

After a day in the garden doing manual labour I was shattered. Covered head to toe in bramble scratches and sporting no end of injuries. My muscles ached and my back had given up the ghost. My feet were unrecognisable, being shoe horned into crocs all day yet unable to escape the mountains of soil I dug over.

Champneys Body Scrub Distant Shores 

I retreated to the bathroom and unpacked a Champneys gift set. I lit the Distant Shores candle, dropped the exotic bubble float into the bath and enjoyed the aromas behind a locked door as I ran the water. This was enough to soothe my mind but it was the exotic scrub that propelled me to a state of bliss. Please see the full review where the Champneys Distant Shores Body Scrub wins our beauty product of the month.

Beauty Product of the Month

Beauty Product of the Month

BiOrganics Salon Secrets

They have already won the Product of the Month Award for June but they deserve another shout out, for being a reliable mainstay during this move. I knew that no matter what I got up to, swimming in salty water, paddling in chlorine, digging in midday sun, my hair always had a rescue formula ready to bring it back to life at the end of every day with their salon secrets conditioner.

BiOrganics Salon Secrets

BiOrganics Salon Secrets

Artisan Spa Pedivive

We adore Scholl, it does exactly what it says on the box and does feel as though feet are being given full tlc. Somehow though, it feels more like medicinal than luxury and although it’s wonderful for cracked heels and corns, it doesn’t share the same fragrance sensation we associate with pure indulgence. Pedi Vive from the Artisan Spa does. With just the smallest amount, you feel a little guilty as if you’re treating your feet to the richest chocolate pudding this side of the moon. It also leaves feet feeling oh so soft and pampered, sexy and ready for action. It definitely wins our seal of approval.


Ayurveda Pura Holistic Toner

As gentle as water but still with noticeable results, this toner was a lovely refresher to clear away old skin cells and to brighten the skin. Great for everyday, it balances regardless of skin types and smells absolutely divine. It wins our seal of approval.

Sure 2 Day Deodorant

Would you like to go 48 hours without worrying about perspiration patches or underarm sweat? Now you can. We tried the Sure 48hr deodorant and were very impressed. It actually works. It’s generous in size and smells divine. We now wouldn’t be without this deodorant all of the time!

AEOS Skincare Minis

The mini set from AEOS was heaven in tiny bottles as it gave me the chance to indulge in a true full skincare regime during the move. With enough to last a good week I felt spoilt for choice as the range reminded me of being a child in a sweet shop. From facial cleansers to day moisturisers and night repair cream to eye repair and toners, for relaxing or refreshing, every item I tried felt sublime. My skin looked fresher and ready to take on the world and I’ve not felt the need to use foundation at all even though I have an excellent BBcream up my sleeve.Aeos

Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream

I’ve championed this before but I must do it again and give it the Sunday Woman Seal of Approval. It’s great for light coverage and is so smooth it adapts to any skin tone, removing the uncertainty while covering those problem areas to deliver a flawless complexion.

ARK Loving Bath and Body Oil

This fragrance is so erotic that I’ve not restricted it to the bathroom. It comes in a handy diffuser which makes it easy to dispense the oil while making it go a lot further. At first I run it under the tap for a luxurious bath but I just couldn’t get enough. So I added it directly to wet skin and it moisturised while making me smell delicious, that still wasn’t enough. So I sprayed the radiators and light bulbs and added a touch to my oil burners, now the whole house is filled with this intoxicating scent. It’s deep, musky, floral but masculine enough for my partner to enjoy it too, now I just need to convince him to give me a massage with it and my world will be complete.

I’ve found also that ARK do reed diffusers that use this scent amongst others. I’ll be reviewing these in our big new home feature.

Janjira Massage Candle – Art of Siam

To finish the whole experience a massage is ideal, in your own sheets where you can drift away into a stress free sleep. If you’re lucky enough to have a partner on hand that can deliver a massage, choose the massage candle from Janjira. There are many cheap imitations but this is the real deal. The oil infuses the mind as well as softening the skin and leaves you feeling completely indulged. It has our seal of approval.

Janjira massage candle

If there are any products you wouldn’t be without for a self pampering session at home let us know in the comments below!