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Pamela Mann Paris Skyline Tights are different. They put a whole city on your lower thighs. (There's a joke there but I'll keep it clean). They look amazing, they feel great and they give the right amount of style. In a knee length skirt they're noticeable when that pesky wind blows, in a mini they stand out a mile!

Ladder Resist

It’s a problem every woman faces in Britain, and indeed anywhere equidistant from the equator in Summer. You know the weather should be good enough for bare legs but it isn’t. Wet bare legs are not a good look when those never ending downpours hit. Bare legs look even worse wet if you’ve gone all out with the fake tan. Bare legs help you lose your modesty in a skirt if the winds blow faster than 5mph and bare legs make those killer heels rub like nothing before.

Sometimes it’s not the weather, it’s the legs themselves. You’re waiting for your next wax and so resemble a fluffy baby gorilla, you’ve enjoyed soaking up the sun as the mosquitos have been feasting on your blood, or you’ve shaved in a hurry leaving little blotches all over.

The solution? Low denier tights. Cool, deliver the perfect cover and keep your legs protected from the elements. However they’re hardly head turning. They make your legs look like, well, legs! Unless you have pins upto your chin, they’ll only be noticable by bored builders who have nothing better to do than make you blush (or cuss).

We recommend them and give these a whole FIVE stars, what a great idea and what a wonderful way to cover those legs!

Go get them before they all sell out…

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