By Martina Mercer

We all like to unleash our inner vixen now and again, sometimes this means spending an hour dressing up in our favourite outfits and applying full make up. Here are some tips to help you (and him) feel sexy in seconds. Go on; give it a go, what have you got to lose (except your innocence)?

Three Second Thrills

  • Give his bum a squeeze, or feeling daring, his package a stroke through his jeans with an innocent “oops”.
  • Go a step further and grab his belt, pulling at his jeans to take a sneaky peak at his package.
  • Absent mindedly stroke your own nipples through your T-shirt.
  • Bite his bottom lip as you kiss.
  • Whisper a three second fantasy in his ear – “I wish you would take me up against that wall right here, right now”
  • Tell him you may need to change your underwear as you’re wet with desire thinking about him.
  • Even better, remove it as he watches.

Ten Second Tasters

  • Send him a rude text message, whilst you’re side by side in public.
  • Drip cream or ice cream down your chin onto your breasts; ask him to “clean you up”.
  • Nibble his earlobe and breathe into his ear.
  • Place his hands between your hot legs under the table.

Two Minute Tantalizers

  • Swap you comfy knickers for a G-string
  • Pretend to drop something and hitch up your skirt as you bend over to retrieve it.
  • Let him in on your dream that’s left you wanting more.
  • Wake him with a kiss, or even better a blowjob!
  • Find his G-spot and never forget the location!

Five Minute Foreplay

  • Ask him to pull over in a secluded spot whilst out in the car, and then pleasure him with your mouth or hand.
  • After a shower/bath, order him to watch you rub lotion into your body, make sure he knows how aroused you’re becoming as you turn yourself on!
  • Undo his jeans/trousers, and straddle him, riding him to climax for a “girl in control” quickie
  • Hide a generous portion of lube in your hand and slip it down his trousers to give him an impromptu fully clothed hand job.

Ten Minute Teasers

  • Make him a private video on your phone of you climaxing, then send it.
  • Swap dirty fantasies.
  • Ask him to shave your pubic hair just the way he wants it.
  • Serve him breakfast in bed in stilettos and underwear!

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