The World Cup is on, which unless you are a die-hard footy fan yourself means you might find yourself at a bit of a loose end over the coming weeks. You certainly won’t have much chance of getting your hands on the main TV remote!

Let the football fans get on with it, find a quiet corner (preferably in the sun with a cocktail of course) and enjoy one or more of these popular reads….

The Half-Life of Hannah
Other Halves
Nick Alexander

nick alexander

These two books, both by the same author tell the story of Hannah, Cliff and their family, starting with an eventful holiday in France and following their story back to the UK and through some intensely life-changing times. These are the types of books that are so hard to review as you would be loath to give even the tiniest detail away and spoil something. Both books kept me going right up until the end and had me heading to Google to find more books from this fabulous author.

If you are looking for an escape from reality and of course the sport then these two really are must-reads.

Perfect Alibis
Jane Wenham-Jones

Infidelity and how to get away with it! Perfect Alibis tells the tale of one woman looking at her life and feeling stifled yet not knowing what to do about it. While she may be considered quite “beige” amongst her colourful friends she finds herself working at an agency which helps those who wish to play away do so without risk of being caught. Her own life ceases to be beige amongst all of the intrigue yet she has to ask herself whether she has found herself in a position where the grass isn’t always necessarily greener on the other side.

Secrets, lies and some rude awakenings make this an enjoyable and often hilarious easy read.

 The Flavours of Love
Dorothy Koomson


If you’ve ready anything by Dorothy you’ll know that her style of writing is one which brings each and every character to life in glorious clarity, whether they are friend or foe and that she builds a sense of drama which makes her books virtually impossible to put down. Flavours of Love is another of her bestselling reads which gripped me with its intensity.

The book is the story of Saffron Mackleroy and her family starting eighteen months after her husband was brutally murdered. Packed with intrigue, devastating secrets and more twists than a theme park rollercoaster this has to be one of my favourite reads over the past few years.

 Flavour of the Month
Olivia Goldsmith

When Mary Moran loses the man of her dreams and the acting role she herself created because she is considered too old, fat and dull-looking she is understandably heartbroken. Heart-break doesn’t last as long as anger, a lustful need for revenge and determination and so after Mary reappears two years later having been transformed by her plastic surgeon into a sexy siren Hollywood better watch out.

This is a gripping read with vicious characters and a truly show-stopping plot. You’ll find it hard to put down!