Interior design will never go out of fashion. Our home is where we spend most of our time, and so should reflect our own personality and style.

For years, we’ve all had to endure the same trends and styles of certain features in the home, but now, manufacturers are realizing that we all covet something seemingly bespoke.

One area that is progressing and catering to the interior design market is plumbing and radiators. Everyone used to sport the same heating appliances, the single or double paneled corrugated radiator. Today, there is a lot more choice and the radiator can actually become the focal point of a room. Here’s how.

The Style of Designer Radiators

The style of radiators has evolved and now you can choose between a variety of designer radiators for your home. You can choose flat paneled smooth radiators that give a seamless look to any wall. Homeowners can opt for column radiators that stand horizontally or vertically, which add a classic, Victorian feel to a room. You can choose heated towel rails, in a variety of shapes and sizes. With all the choice on offer, it’s easy to choose a radiator to complement your home.

The Colour of Radiators

Many designer radiators now come in a range of colours. Towel rails can be bought in copper, chrome or gold. Colum radiators are available in black, white or cream, while silver paneled radiators add mystery and intrigue. That’s not all. Just as the plumbing manufacturing world is evolving so is the world of DIY. There are now many radiator paints on the market from giants like Rust-O-Leum.

The Positioning of Radiators

Some interior designers are making the radiator a focal point, by choosing a different position from the norm. Usually radiators sit snuggly against a wall or underneath a window. The new styles, they can now be positioned in the center of a room or a few feet from the wall. This option isn’t for everyone, and does suit a larger room, but it can maximize the heat capacity while adding a very warm point of conversation.

If you are overhauling your home it could be time to take a look at designer radiators to see if you can create a more personalized space in your house that reflects your own personality.