I grew up surrounded by superstitions. It seemed everything was bad luck. Just a few of the superstitions my mum hared at me include:

  • Stirring with a knife causes trouble
  • Dropping a knife promotes bad luck
  • An itchy nose means an argument or surprise
  • New shoes on a table incite bad luck
  • Itchy feet mean you’ll be on strange ground
  • A burning left ear means someone loves you while a burning right means someone is cursing you

My friends laugh when they drop a knife or their keys and I shout, “Stand on It”, while I’ve only just brought myself to allow images of elephants and birds in the house. Regularly my mum would get rid of certain objects in the home, believing them to have brought bad luck. It’s hard to shake off the superstitions as an adult.

It’s nice to see that I’m in good company though, as this infographic shows many celebrities follow the same rules and traditions. Like Paul McCartney I, too, salute magpies and also chant, “Good morning Mr Magpie, how’s your wife and children today?” while I also have rituals I follow. I’m trying to break the chains.

See if you can identify with the celebrities, from Taylor Swift to Meatloaf and Christian Bale.

Rubber Ducks, Shamrock Shorts and the Evil M – Celebrity Superstitions
A new graphic from Roulette Online finds the celebrities who win the most awards and looks at their lucky habits, to see which charms, mascots and traditions you should be keeping an eye on in order to be a winner.

If you’ve ever thought you could do with an extra bit of luck before a challenge, or need something to help you feel more confident about your chances of winning, you might be interested in what works for the biggest celebrities around.

New research from luck experts Roulette Online reveals the ways that the celebrities with the most awards in their field keep themselves at the top of their game – and some of them are weirder than others.

Each celebrity profile is accompanied by their total awards won, as well as their net worth and background, so you can identify the charms and habits you need if you if you’re after their specific type of luck.

It also features their quotes about their superstitions – just in case you were wondering what prompted them to start their unique traditions!

Good Luck Doughnuts and Magpie Salutes

Whether it’s how they dress, how they treat certain animals, or items they keep with them during nervous moments, each of the celebrities has something to keep them on the right side of Lady Luck. Some of the most unusual examples include:

Ariana’s Doughnuts – when Ariana Grande was younger, she apparently used to eat doughnuts for good luck before auditions.
13 Reasons Why Taylor keeps winning – Taylor Swift says that the number “13” is important in her life, as every time she wins an award, she’s sitting in seat number 13, or on row M (the 13th letter), while her first album went gold in 13 weeks.
Spit or Salute – Sir Paul McCartney follows the English tradition of saluting magpies; it’s also an option to spit at them, but he prefers the less messy way.
Luck of the Irish – Colin Farrell wears shamrock shorts (the national emblem of Northern Ireland) on the first day of filming any film, in order to bring himself good luck. Apparently he’s worn them for about seven films now!
M is Out – Axl Rose thinks the letter “M” is cursed, and will refuse to perform in any city beginning with the evil letter.

Not all celebrities are luck-focused, however. Christian Bale, for one, not only doesn’t have a lucky charm or tradition, he actively goes out of his way to try and bring bad luck on himself, walking under ladders to defy the odds.

Geoffrey Rush carries a rubber duck with him in his pocket to awards ceremonies in order to give himself the best chances of winning. He has named it Daffy.