– New study reveals the nation spends £6 billion each year to ensure “good hair days”
– Average British person visits hairdressers five times a year
– 40% of people wouldn’t complain about a bad haircut

According to a new study into the spending habits of UK consumers, the average Briton will spend around £38,6151 at the hairdressers over the course of their lifetime. That’s more than the average deposit on a house for first time buyers in 20172.

The study, which was conducted by hair and beauty salon business insurance provider, SME Insurance Services (SMEi), found that British women spend £146.11 on average per year at the hairdressers whereas men spend only £81.39. Averaging out at a spend of £118.12 per year this results in an annual collective UK spend of around £6.06 billion3 on professional hair maintenance.

The study also revealed that men visit the hairdressers more frequently than women, with 12% taking a trip to the salon 11 or more times each year compared to four times for the average female. However, the findings also show that men will generally spend less when it comes to their hair, which results in women spending around £11,229 (43%)4 more over the course of their lifetime on cutting, styling, colouring, or treating their hair at a salon.

It’s perhaps unsurprising to learn that 40% of UK consumers surveyed wouldn’t complain if they weren’t happy with a haircut, but also that two in five (42%) of these would then find a different stylist or salon in future. However, of those who would complain (49%), being polite with their complaint takes priority over demanding that the hairdresser fix the problem at hand.

Not everyone can point the finger of blame at a professional for what happens to their hair, as a quarter of men (26%) claim they never visit a salon, as do 13% of women.

Those living in the following regions can expect to pay the most at the hairdressers, with average spends per person per year as follows:

1. West Midlands – £135.52
2. North West – £131.97
3. London – £130.24
4. Scotland – £119.58
5. North East – £119.56

People living in the following regions can expect to pay the least for their total yearly trips to the salon, with an average spend per person per year of:

1. East Midlands – £82.19
2. East Anglia – £94.85
3. Yorkshire and the Humber – £101.52
4. Wales – £104.02
5. South East – £116.37

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