Last month for our anniversary my husband bought me an engagement ring. It may seem a little late, we’ve been married seven years but to me, it was everything. When we met, we were both very broke, he gave up a job to move in with me, miles away from his home. We married quickly, (we’d known each other since school) and didn’t care about the cost. So, I used an engagement ring from my Grandma, she bought it on QVC. It was pure and lovely cubic Zirconia and a gold that turned my fingers green. For wedding rings we raided my late father’s jewellery box, he dealt in antique jewellery, and we’re happy with what we’ve got. The engagement ring only lasted a couple of days though, and so, since the wedding I haven’t worn one.

Now I have a huge blue diamond nestled between two babies, embedded in white gold, my favourite. I love it. The boy did good.

Of course, I needed to find an anniversary present that could compete, and I soon realised that this would be an impossible feat. More than that, I found that inspiration for any anniversary present was thin on the ground, unless I wanted a personalised mug or a keyring. So I went on the hunt for something better and I think I found the Best Anniversary Gifts.

This is one of my favourites.

Glow in the Dark Coffee Table

It’s made using a resin and incredible carving skills. The creator (my actual husband) assures me you can order any design you wish. You could have a subtle design where your initials glow when the lights are low or you could ask for a landscape of your favourite town, or something special to you.

These are huge in America but Justin is actually the first to make them in his shop JustOriginalsIn. It was his idea, and his designs and finishes are still the very best.



You should also check out JustOriginalsIn World Map Coffee table that’s glow in the dark too!

You can check out his other bespoke solid wood furniture too.








Our Song Print


I love Our Song Print, I had it custom made to our wedding song, the one my husband picked. More than that, he loved receiving it and it now takes pride of place over the piano.

The guys were great, they even corrected my typo, (which is rare for some), they paid attention and I was very surprised how quickly the print came. It’s beautiful. Super high quality and unusual.

You can find yours at Hello Moon

My song title was quite long, it was “this Guy’s in Love with You” and even though it seemed off on the mock up, the guys reassured me that they always make sure it fits neatly into the record.





Vanroe Mirror

I was surprised that this was made in Yorkshire. Originally from Yorkshire I fell in love with it instantly. It really is of high quality. I love it.

I also love the lilies as this is the middle name of my youngest and it looks so amazing when I pull it out of my Chanel handbag.

vanroe-lilies-compact-mirror-1000This is what Vanroe say:

Our new collection of mirrors with fine art prints look wonderful in editorial. ‘English Rose’ and ‘Lavender Butterfly’ are anniversary favourites. Pink roses are a symbol of love and appreciation, while lavender means grace in the language of flowers.

The picture is of ‘Lily Bouquet’ as lilies are the traditional gift for 30th wedding anniversaries. All SRP £29.


Vivienne Westwood Keyring


Vivienne Westwood keyring

Vivienne Westwood keyring

This Vivienne Westwood keyring was such a surprise, I was shocked by just how much I liked it. I added it to my signature Chanel bag and it added the elegance I felt it was missing. I absolutely adore it. It’s very heavy and reassuringly solid and makes a lovely sound when it tinkles. It’s also been adored by anyone I’ve had contact with over the last couple of weeks, it’s certainly not one to miss. It’s a real treat, for me. If I hadn’t received the engagement ring i would have been very happy with this. Thank you Vivienne! You can find yours at Jules B. Jules B are a small independent boutique who have an amazing eye for jaw dropping fashion and accessories. You’ll probably hear more about them throughout our other guides as we’re a little obsessed with their keyrings and scarves!


Household Gifts to Buy Together

Some will disagree, but I love buying luxury items for the home on our anniversary. It reminds me of our wedding when we received the usual items such as John Lewis bakeware or Denby dinner services. That’s why I’ve recently added these to the collection, they are anniversary gifts we chose together and we’re extremley happy with the choice.

Leesa Mattress

Theres a lot of mattresses on the market right now and we’ve been testing those that have offered us the chance to put their claims to the test (There are some which don’t invite a review, which is quite suspicious). Anyhow, along with our Simba mattress review, we also tested the Leesa Mattress. You can read our reviewers full review now but we thought it deserved a mention as it is a wonderfully soft and cosy mattress that’s perfect as a gift to buy together for an anniversary present. What could be better than a great night’s sleep?

Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review

Sealy Temperature Control Bedding

Sealy temperature control quilt

Sealy temperature control quilt

While we’re on the subject of sleep you must try the new temperature control pillows and quilts from Sealy. We passed ours along to a sufferer of a Chronic illness, a person who spends quite a bit of time in bed, and who suffers from a high temperature due to her condition. This is what she said.

“I’ve not been able to sleep with the covers on top of me for a few years now and I’ve missed the comfort a lovely soft quilt provides. It’s just too hot. I was so surprised at how well the Sealy quilt adapted to my temperature as for the first time in years I’m actually sleeping under the duvet. My husband is so pleased too. It looks just like a normal quilt so I’m not sure how it works but it really does. It’s quite the miracle!”

The set also comes with pillows which keep heads cool without making them cold, a must for those experiencing that time of the month or the menopause.

Ted Baker PortMeirion Range

This cutlery from Ted Baker is divine. It’s of solid quality and it really does look the part. We can’t wait to whip out the cheese knives at Christmas and we’re proud to now own some real grown up cutlery that didn’t cost the earth. It comes boxed, and is presented divinely so it would make a great gift for anyone really. Remember, the old tale, if you are to give anything sharp you must ask for 10pence in return, as it could cause friction between the giver and receiver (please don’t ask me why, if you know the answer please let me know on Facebook!)


Denby Tea Set

Every grown up couple should own a Denby tea set. If you don’t already own a Denby dinner service this is the perfect way to begin your collection of this iconic, durable, attractive crockery. Denby has retained it’s marvellous reputation throughout the years and it’s easy to see why. It still lasts for generations, it holds its value and it looks amazing on the table. This Imperial Blue tea set is mighty fine!


A Luxury Weekend Away

What better gift than a weekend away and may we suggest a few places? For London check out the SACO Apartments ( full review coming soon) or the Tewksbury Park Hotel (where you’ll experience real opulence the way princess Diana would) for the Southwest. A little further up you’ll find the glorious Stanbrook Abbey Hotel,This is a beautiful former monastery just a few miles outside Worcester city centre on the way to Malvern (where you’ll become lost in another world and watch sheep by nightlight) or further still, in Yorkshire, Aldwark Manor or the DeVere Hotel in Leeds. If you need any help at all check our our Hotel Awards and get in touch on Facebook and we’ll point you in the right direction for the best hotel for your area or taste. All will be luxurious and opulent!


A gorgeous copper bath in Tewkesbury Park Hotel




A Good Restaurant

Stephen St Kitchen Review

Every anniversary deserves a good restaurant, and we looked for one that had a great atmosphere while still being romantic enough. We found it in St Stephen’s Kitchen. This restaurant serves gorgeous Tapas, (I wasn’t too sure about the risotto, it was very undercooked and tough but the rest was absolutely gorgeous). The booths are very intimate and could seat friends if need be. We loved the fact that a chess tournament was being played and we could watch as we ate.

The dishes are lovely and great for an anniversary as they’re fantastic to share. All in all a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

What they say:

Pizza Pilgrims Covent Garden

For lunch we were treated to real pizza at Pizza Pilgrims, it was just like the pizza I’ve tried in Naples, extremly authentic even down to the table cloth. We adored this place and the service was spot on, we left with big smiles on our faces and very full bellies. Just what the doctor ordered.

These are just some of the best anniversary gifts I found and they are geared more towards women. (I got selfishly distracted in my search).

For my husband I did find a few more gifts that seemed to be great ideas, such as a woodworking Router Table for his business and a pilot’s lesson. These have yet to be tested though.

You Expect Me to Write?

I did, however, get him this cool white pen from Sheaffer and now he feels like a true James Bond, he just needs the pussy on his desk!

100_white_chrome_bp_e2932451-30_side sheaffer-100-aw16-open

As a compromise, we spent the day together on the Go Kart Race Track and Clay Pigeon Shooting. I received the gifts, he received the experience! Next week, we review The Coach House Restaurant, check back to find out what we made of it.