We’ve been searching for the best mother’s day gifts and we think we’ve found what you’re looking for. Of course, the best gift you could give a mum is time to herself, a little pamper and some great food. However, these gifts will show your mum just how much you care, while ensuring you find the gift to suit her personality and to say thank you for being there.

A Little Bling

A Jewellery Subscription

Sparkle and Rock

Sign up to a jewelry subscription so your mum receives pretty jewellery every single month. We were bowled over by the quality of these pieces, each one was absolutely delightful and either solid silver or solid gold. Sign up for just £18 per month at Sparkle and Rock. Sunday Woman readers can also get £5 off with their first purchase, just enter the code MOTHERSDAY at checkout!

A Silver and Diamond Locket

If you don’t like the idea of a subscription this sterling silver and real diamond photo locket will make the perfect gift. It’s intricate yet strong, delicate and pretty and you can add the photos of you and your family so your mum always has you close to her chest. We found this one at the London Designer Outlet, specifically Chapelle.

The Best Mother’s Day Perfumes

There are so many perfumes on the market right now that it’s difficult to choose just one. My personal favourite is Black orchid by Tom Ford but I realise there are others that are also beautiful. For mum’s this mother’s day you won’t go wrong with these:

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs has brought out new fragrances to expand on his Dot range. Each one is fresh and inviting, young and refreshing and the bottle design makes a perfect gift.

Joan Collins I Am Woman

The fragrance gift set from joan Collins is decadent and sophisticated. Ideal for the mature mum we are loving the new Joan Collins range at the minute.

Millionaire Marylin Monroe

This cheeky scent is delicious and you’ll want to keep it for yourself-don’t. Your mum will be a friend for life if she receives this beautiful perfume.

Leighton Denny Light and Dark

The Leighton Denny fragrance is strong, sophisticated, mature and flirty and we love it.

Monsoon Rose Gold

Deep and delicious this first fragrance from Monsoon is sure to become an everyday favourite for many women. One spray and you’ll see why.

Ferrari Fragrances

Ferrari are brining out some delicious fragrances right now based on natural ingredients such as fig and lavender. We love them all.

Orla Kiely Fragrances

The latest one comes with a very cute cosmetic purse that looks amazing on a dressing table. We’re loving the designs and the entire range right now!

A Little Perk

Handmade by Amazon Coffee Candle

Amazon are championing their Handmade ranges right now, products created by you and sold on Amazon. We tested them out with this coffee bean soy candle and are very impressed. Extremely high quality and wonderfully fragrant, it fills the home with freshly ground coffee aromas, which is perfect. It’s from Cosy Glow.

Something Healthy

The Nutri Pro

My mum wanted a nutribullet for Mother’s Day, instead I found this one from Salter. It’s perfect and less than half the price. Let your mum join the blending craze and give her a gift that keeps on giving this Mother’s Day.

A Low Fat Fryer

Make mum’s life easier with this low fat fryer. This isn’t a sexist suggestion, many people on health kicks are snapping up these alternatives to the high calorie deep fat fryers of old. Mum, and Dad, will love it. This one is De Longhi Fryer it has a range of features and a 1.5litre capacity.

MissFits Nutrition Shakes

These shakes are delicious and pack a punch. At only 80 calories each and in a range of unique flavours, your mum will thank you for them. Fill your mum with the vitamins she needs and treat her to real nutrition, she can take them in her handbag to work, as the sachets are easily portable. We love them.

Back in Time

The Boombox from Groov-e

Finally, we can play our old mix tapes again. My, this took us back. We all dug out the compilations sent to us by lovestruck teenagers of the past. We love this and have had a lot of fun searching eBay for our favourite albums. The sound quality is incredible and of course we can stop the music mid song, while feeling smug that we’ll never need to put up with scratched discs. Any mum will love a trip down memory lane to listen to mix tapes this Mother’s Day. Buy her this!

A Good Night’s Sleep

Silent Night Hotel Bedding

I’m quite obsessed with hotel quality bedding these days. Since conducting our hotel awards I’ve been trying to imitate that luxurious feeling of stepping into fresh cotton bedding. We’re currently trialling a lot of hotel quality bedding from Casper and HEPA but think these pillows from Silent Night are the perfect base to start from. These will ensure all your bedding feels as good as it should while giving the best support so your mum can drift off on a cloud of love!

For the Single Mum

Fit Men Wanted

This fine bone china mug is eye catching and cheeky. From the IWM, Imperial War Museum, it actual refers to call outs for men to join up during the war. Either way, it’s cheeky, and a good size for a morning coffee. We love it.

Some Pampering


You can never go far wrong with products from Lush and this year they’ve pulled out all the stops. The Mother’s day collection is a feast for the senses, bright and cheerful while full of natural ingredients to make mum’s bath fizz!

Yankee Candle

The Cherry Blossom candle is ideal for Mother’s day, in a delicate pink it fills the room with a sophisticated fragrance of trees in bloom.

Natura Siberica

This brand was relatively unknown but now it’s everywhere and we love it. This month we tried the relaxation range of salts and bath foam, and were blown away by the quality. Mum will adore a spot of pampering with these beauties.





Grace Cole

Grace Cole have brought out a personalised bath foam that is divine. It makes for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift as you can make it bespoke to your mum. The price is also nice, as it’s cheaper than regular luxury brands.





This pampering gift set smells divine and is an all natural gift for any deserving mum. The candle fills the room with the aroma of a freshly mowed garden and we can’t get enough.

Monique Hart

This set is decadent, luxurious, elegant, inspiring, delicious and beautiful. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe just how much we love this set and the sweet aromas that fill our homes with unadulterated sophistication and luxury. Your mum will love this, that’s if you can bear to give it away. This really is a special treat for a special someone. We will be keeping a close eye on Monique Hart and we’ll let you know what else we find!

100% organic; the mist and candle collection is perfect for providing a light and ethereal atmosphere – the candle’s wax is newly accredited to act as a massage oil (great for at-home pampering), whilst the mist is perfect as a body, pillow, room and face spray.

Something Smart

The Elektronista from KNOMO

This shoulder clutch is perfect for a tablet while coming complete with a mobile charger. we love it. It’s classy and elegant, sophisticated and jaw dropping, it’s sure to turn heads in the office. Make mum’s day with a gift of decadence and show her how much you care with this incredible, versatile, high quality bag from KNOMO. They’re definitely one to watch for gorgeous office accessories.

Something Warm

Lee Sweatshirt 

This Lee sweatshirt from the London Designer Outlet is a perfect gift to stave off the spring chills. With a glorious eye- catching design, mum will love to snuggle up while looking like the fashionista she is.

Something Techy

We are loving rose gold accessories right now and have found the best for Mother’s Day such as:

Memory Stick in Rose Gold

With incredible storage this sturdy rose gold memory stick is one to keep and use forever. Mum’s will always be reminded of your generosity everytime they use it. It’s fabulous.

The i-Memory AI920 Flash drive is extremely compact and light, making it perfect for any mum’s handbag. It has an Apple MFi-certified Lightning connector with a USB 3.1 plug for diverse connectivity, so mums can transfer all the videos and photos of the kids quickly and easily, freeing up phone storage. The AI920 supports strong encryption and has been designed to resist water and dust for more care-free user mobility. The AI920 is available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities, with gold and rose gold schemes. Find yours at Amazon.

Something Yummy

Gourmet Chocolate

This chocolate pizza is a delight, very generously sized it kills any chocolate cravings on sight. It’s obviously delicious and great for sharing. Make this the centrepiece of the Mother’s Day meal this year. If you’re looking for a very yummy Mother’s Day gift, please consider these from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company.
Each pizza is handmade by a team of chocolatiers for a gift mum will adore.

Sweet Sweet Waffles

Waffles are taking over pancakes in the UK and all mums are finding their waffle irons indispensable. Treat your mum to this one this year from Giles and Posner but make sure you’re the first to use it to deliver a scrumptious Mother’s day breakfast.

For the Garden

Deco-Pak Bird Houses

These bird houses are absolutely divine and make such a statement in the garden. They look amazing and are easy to install and will provide the perfect place for a range of small birds during nesting. We love them all. You can choose from Dr Who themed bird houses and ones resembling country manors. We’re in love. We really can’t champion these bird houses enough.

Deco-Pak’s Garden Bazaar collection of birdhouses. Made in the UK, hand-crafted and beautifully decorated, the range takes its influence from popular architectural designs and British landmarks, including the traditional country pub, a quintessential red telephone box and even Doctor Who’s tardis. RRP from £14.99

Wonder Woman from Warner Bros

We love the Wonder Woman range from Warner Bros and think it makes the ideal gift for Mother’s Day.

We’ve tested the pampering combo of shower gel and body lotion, the keyring and the Wonder Woman mug and we love them all.

Give the Wonder Woman in your life a gift that will make her smile while telling her exactly what you think of her.

A Little Tipple

Kopparberg is kicking off the year with an exciting new addition to its range, with the introduction of Sparkling Rosé Cider – a shareable new creation from Sweden’s leading fruit cider innovators.

Available in two delicious flavours, Strawberry and Raspberry, Sparkling Rosé Cider is best served chilled in a champagne flute and garnished with fresh fruit. The crisp, fruit flavours make it the perfect accompaniment to a party with friends or any celebration.

The shareable drink, which hits the shelves exclusively in ASDA stores across the country from February before being more widely available later in 2017, offers drinkers a unique, fruit flavoured alternative to other sparkling drinks currently available.




Pink Bubbly

Casanova white is delicate, bubbly and very very pretty. Mum will love it this Mother’s Day and it makes for a great table centrepiece.