We quite obsessed with stags at the moment in the Sunday Woman offices. There’s something quite magical about them. One of our celebrity photographers, helsbels caught some incredible photos of them rucking in Richmond Park. She’s currently touring Canada, so we’ve brought our own pick of the best stags into the offices, and given each stag a name. If you’ve found the perfect stag, send us a line as we’d love to feature him. He would need to pop by for a visit first (pictures can be deceiving!)

1. Country Baskets Forest Vine Reindeer

First up it’s Randy, our favourite stag. Made from vine twine, we got him from Country Baskets. He can live outdoors or inside but we keep close at hand and have taken to hanging our scarves on him when we come into the office:

swForest vine reindeer 105cm

2. Next Stag/Moose Bedding

Ok this maybe a moose but it still has antlers and is still very cute. This bedding not only looks amazing it’s the softest we’ve ever felt. So much so that we bought another two sets so we don’t have to compromise on boring non soft sheets when these guys are in the wash.

swstagbedding swstagsbed

3. Cancer Research Stags Galore

We found some great stag ornaments at Cancer Research. Our favourite is the stand alone stag’s head although we love the baubles too. A good gift is the stag pin, that gives a £1 donation to this cause that’s close to our heart in the office right now.

4. Fine China Mugs from msmugs.com

We’ve tried all different variations of mugs and cups from msmugs and these are some of our favourites. They’re super high quality and it may be our imagination but they do seem to make the tea taste better!

5. A Bit of Bling from the National Gallery Company

We love this stag’s head from the National Gallery Company, we could even go as far as saying it’s our favourite wall mounted stag’s head this year, and we’ve tested a few. You won’t be disappointed. There’s no reason why he can’t be displayed all year round too!

swstagsnational gallery

6. Gift Boxes, Ribbon and Tags from Lakeland

If you want to add some quality stags to your wrapping this year look no further than Lakeland. These are such high quality and so delightful we want to use them all year. We’re confident you’ll love them, the only trouble is, will you want to give them away? We found the solution to this. We told all our family and friends about Lakeland Stag Gift Boxes and are hoping we receive a few this Christmas. You should too!

7,8,9,10 coming soon!