We’ve been approaching the average man on the street and bringing them to the estate to test our plethora of men’s grooming products. This has not only been a lot of fun, it’s meant we could put some away for the secret santa for the men in the Young Gardener, Family Mealtimes, eSeller News and Decorator Dad offices!

We listened to everyone’s feedback and didn’t once reveal the price tag (or the brand until the end when we needed an opinion on packaging), so we believe we have the most honest gift guide of 2014.

Here are our top ten men’s grooming products for 2014. We are sorry that if you don’t see it here it means it hasn’t received more than 4 out of 5 stars from our testers as we have tried them all (almost!)

1. Flint and Flint Skincare

ed- I loved this range so much I thought it was for women, I’ve been using it for weeks and it has really cleaned my pores, the scrub is gorgeous and not over smelly either. Martina

Nope this is a men’s skincare range that has actually thought about its target market. Men deserve good products, great results and snazzy packaging and this one delivers. It’s also great, as Martina (Aunty) will testify, for when skin needs a good deep clean too. If a woman will happily use it when she’s used to Creme de la Mer, it must be good!

Here’s a look at the brilliant stuff, it is our no.1, buy him some!



2. Bulldog Skincare for Men

3. Taylor of Old Manicure Set with Zip

If your male partner is anything like our dads used to be he will keep the same manicure set for life, that’s why we love this, as he can. If you’re dating and want to be remembered forever, give him this and it’s guaranteed he’ll always think of you (at least when he has a wicklo or is trimming his toenails). Great for any age too, (not recommended for toddlers), so you can give it to Dad, Grandad or Pop in Law!

Have a Look


4. Jason Shankey

Available at nuusuite.com (our favourite store, we’re not biased, honest), we love the Jason Shankey range.


5. Manatude

6. Phillips Laser Beard Trimmer

This kept our male testers entertained for hours. We’re not sure how much beard trimming got done but a few even promised to grow a beard to try it out. Shouldn’t be a problem with Movember here!

swphillips laser shaver swphillips

7. Braun Wet and Dry

8. No.7 Skincare for Men

Always a winner, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Even better Boots always have 3 for 2 on gift packs so you it’s 2 for you, 1 for him 🙂


9, 10 not decided yet! Check back soon!