We love nails, we love gel manicures and we love the new products coming onto the market at the moment. We’ve been testing many nail products so you don’t have to and are now ready to bring you the pick of the bunch just in time for summer.

Here are our top ten treats for nails.

1. Fuse Gel Enamel

These quirky one nail gift sets allow you to get gel manicured ails in seconds. Each finger takes half a minute and can be easily done while on a train or waiting for an appointment. You can choose to do your whole hand or use this as a top up for gel manicures for a finger at a time. It’s a great gadget and the colours are quite eyecatching too.

2. Sensationail

This is the best gel polish we’ve found on the market to use at home. It covers evenly and gives a high shine, no chip finish. We love it.


3. Soigne

These little nail varnishes are lovely for a handbag. They do chip after 24 hours but the subtle colours and pretty pastels make up for that. For a quick temporary fix, these are quintessentially french.

4. Kiss Gel Manicure Kit and Polish

By Homedics this is a great home kit for gel manicures. To get the most out of it, apply two thin layers and remember to cap off the nails. The colours are bright while the UV lamp is generous, allowing you to do both hands with ease.

5. All That Jazz

What better way to exfoliate hands and feet than with a chocolate orange scrub? This rough exfoliator takes care of all the dead skin while other products in the range, such as the cuticle balm restore natural luminosity. We love it.


6.  Ciate – The Treatment Collection

Finally, someone has realised the importance of nourishment for nails. These little saviours are wonderful for creating the natural look while delivering real nail benefits. We adored the nail goddess that gave us healthy looking nails without any polish, alongside the Bloom Boost which brought out the best of natural white tips. A must for anyone who spends times on their nails, these little pots of wonder will ensure that even when bare, your nails always look fabulous.

We were also impressed with the size of the products, they took up the whole box and were very generous. These really should be our no.1 and do in fact deserve our beauty product of the month award for March!

Treatment Groups Pack Shot

Treatment Groups Pack Shot

7. Ciate – The Ice Cream Collection

With summer on the horizon, the ice cream collection is the perfect addition to your colour palette. They also include fun, melting, decals that complement the shades and add a professional finish to nails, effortlessly.

Ice Cream Collection Decals

8. Quickies

No nail collection would be complete without nail polish remover and now the infamous Quickies have launched extra large pads to make nail varnish removing even quicker.

9. Flexitol Nail Revitaliser

If you enjoy regular gel manicures you’ll know that nails can suffer when the polish is removed. Nails can become thin, weak, dull and brittle. In between polishes, use this magical serum to breathe life back into your nails and enjoy as it delivers deep nourishment to bring your nails back to their original state.


10. Ted Baker False Nails

Ted Baker have taken the 50’s route with this pretty palette of easy to use false nails. We loved the chintz along with the pastel pinks. Very easy to apply and suprisingly sturdy when glued, these are ideal for when nails are too short or need a quick bit of glam for a special event.