Christmas is getting closer by the minute and for parents, carers and anyone with children in their life this means one thing, the angst of present buying is about to begin. To make life a lot easier and we hope perhaps even somewhat enjoyable we have put together our list of the top toys for girls this year.

While we can’t confirm obviously how many of these gift ideas will be featured in the Top Ten Toys for Girls 2014 announcements these are certainly some of the ones we’ve heard talked about the most.

Loom Bands

Unless you’ve been hiding away on a remote island this year you’ll no doubt have heard about the current craze for these fabulously fun rubber bands. Girls are thoroughly enjoying using a variety of different loom bands and accessories such as Timey Watches to produce their own jewellery, accessories and more.

Using a special loom these bands are twisted, lifted and moved to produce different weaves and styles so the fun is quite frankly endless. If your little lady hasn’t yet been properly introduced to the world of Loom Bands now could be the time. As one of the only official suppliers of Loom Bands, we recommend ABCZone – free delivery and great feedback plus you know you’re getting the real thing.

What's the top toy for Christmas 2014? We Know, We Know! And we'll be letting you in on the secret

What’s the top toy for Christmas 2014? We Know, We Know! And we’ll be letting you in on the secret


Nintendo DS

A fabulous handheld games console, the most recent Nintendo DS versions are extremely intuitive, offering a user-friendly gaming experience each and every time. Available in a number of colours, with various accessories and of course any number of games the Nintendo DS offers education, fun, social link ups and more.

One of the pricier items on the list we are hearing a lot about the DS at the moment.

Disney’s Frozen

The top Disney film of 2014, girls have been getting very excited about the many types of Frozen toys, costumes and accessories on the market this year and their enthusiasm doesn’t seem to be waning at all. The scope for Frozen present buying is vast with clothing, soft toys, DVDs, musical items and more all ready and waiting to be snapped up.

Our top Frozen-related find at the moment is actually from Poundland. They have a vast range of Frozen items, many of which are for the bathroom. These make for a brilliant collection of items to use in making a personalised Frozen hamper. Choose from Frozen toiletries, sponges, slipper socks, a calendar and more. We imagine that there will be a number of Frozen sleepover parties taking place after Christmas. We love this one from ABCZone



We also love the Phillips projector and torch with a Frozen theme! Both available from Amazon at a very reasonable price!

swfrozen1 swfrozen2


V Scooters

These scooters are proving very popular with the female scooter fans. Rather than one board to stand on and riders having to use their other leg to push and gain speed constantly the V Scooters work differently. By holding on to the handlebars and moving the body from left to right riders get the motion started and these scooters soon speed up! This is a whole new way of getting around outside and is most definitely one of the cooler outdoor gifts hitting the shelves this year.

Cookery and Bakery

Girls and boys alike have been thoroughly enjoying getting their bake-on this year. Our junior Masterchef and GBBO wannabes already know their spatula from their whisk and are taking cookery to a whole new level. We are seeing a lot of interest in cake pops machines, cupcake kits, aprons and especially items from the Jane Asher range, also found at Poundland. We imagine that cookery and bakery related items will be high on the gift lists this Christmas.

E Readers

For the avid readers and even those who are working to build their confidence e readers make a great grown-up girl gift idea. With plenty to choose from, from the Kindle range to the Nook and beyond there are plenty of options, dependant on the age of the gift recipient and how technically minded they are. All are relatively easy to use however some more advanced versions might look more like a tablet than an e reader and therefore a little extra research before buying might be advisable.

Smiggle Stationery

For those younger ladies who love stationery Smiggle Stationery could be just the thing you’ve looking for. Their tagline is “Where a smile meets a giggle” and looking at their extensive range they have certainly hit the nail on the head. With everything from backpacks to art and craft items, notebooks, cool ways to organise yourself and more there is something in the Smiggle Stationery range for everyone.


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From You to Me Journals

Writing a diary is something that many girls enjoy as they grow, from youngers girls to older teens. These journals are not exactly your bog standard ones though. The My School journal with ranting space as standard is especially fabulous, so much so that we’ve being raving about it in the office ourselves. For a quirky gift she’ll love look no further.

Baby Love Talk from vTech

For the younger girl in your life, it doesn’t get much more realistic than the Baby Love Talk from vTech. This made half of us in the office broody and the other half ringing the childminder asking for an extra hour off!

swLittle Love Baby Talk

Your little one will love it though, it’s also a good one to use alongside biology for teenagers!