Anna is an erotica writer with a difference, aiming to make porn more friendly for women, she has all the experience you need to bring the spark back into any relationship.

Unlike Aunty she’s a little more forgiving while exploring options that increase sexual stimulation for both men and women.

She’s the founder of and has kindly agreed to write for Sunday Woman. Without further ado, here’s Anna with some great insights for you!

On first thought, you may think that lithe young women in their youth maybe having the fun, but a survey of women of all age groups has proven that women in their 40’s are having the best sex of their lives and have a pretty creative imagination too. Hurrah!

Out of a test of 827 women who were asked about their sexual habits, they found women that women passed their peak fertility years but not quite reached the menopause were the most sexually active. The age group 27 – 45 were having significantly more sex than the 18 – 26 group and 46 years up. Women in their middle years were more likely to fantasize about someone other than their current partner. The findings held true for both partnered and single women and that married women in their late 30’s and 40’s tend to have more sex than married women in their early 20’s. Also whether the women were mothers didn’t matter, only the age had a strong affect on the women’s reported sexual interest and behavior.

“We often hear about a confidence that women hold when they reach their 40’s, an ability to separate emotions and enjoy sex purely for the pleasure. Some women have often said to me it was like someone was flicking on a switch inside them and suddenly they were craving fantasy fuelled sexual adventures, not just perfunctory sex,” say Anna, creator and producer of, the erotic site created for women and couples offering erotic stories and films.

“As a women in my 40’s too, I can completely understand their feelings and desires, for many the life begins at 40 rings true and many women are looking and seeking ways of fulfilling those cravings.”

For many that might not sound like news, but did we ever really believe that? Maybe if you’re one of those 40 something girlies having a great time but keeping it all pretty quiet because of any negative voices that might be hurled at them, it’s not really news. However according to this research carried out and published in Personality and Individual Differences by psychologist and author David Buss, there is at the root of it all a scientific fact to our craving more sex in later years, quite simply the requirement to produce more children.

Our late ancestors grew accustomed to watching many children die of disease, starvation and warfare so apparently this trauma left a psychological imprint to bear as many children as possible. Becoming pregnant when young was easier and quicker so less time needed having sex. After the mid 30’ and 40’s, the requirement to respond by seeking more and more sex as a woman’s remaining eggs age.

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couples porn … it really does exist

Here is the latest fast growing offering

One of the largest industries known to man and women that is, is certainly in some respects just like every other in that trends and patterns emerge and different products are produced to reflect the change in market conditions and consumer’s desires. The erotic industry is no different in that respect and another new wave of adult cinema is hitting our screens looking to offer its pleasure chest to new audiences and provide current viewers something a little more refined in the world of sexual content.

Couples porn, female erotica, erotic films and stories, porn for girls, so many different ways of coining the phrase of this material, without even mentioning mummyporn or glamporn, but in essence it all looks to offer and include more women and couples into the enjoyment of watching together a more “acceptable” visual stimulation.

Much of this new wave has been driven in part by the many new start-ups, many of which have emerged from outside of the industry. By the nature of the medium used, It has been possible for creative individuals to look afresh and take a different approach to the concept of erotica. This is very evident in the style and presentation of some sites out there, viewing the requirements and interests of couples differently to the established companies that exist online.

One such erotic brand, which has sprung up in recent months, has done just that. is already seeing very rapid growth and online presence as measured and benchmarked by Alexa, the analytical comparison site. Frolicme was created to bring together both erotic films and stories, offering women and couples beautiful arousing tales and hi definition photographic and video imagery to view or download onto all the various mediums.

Commenting on its style and content Anna Richards, founder and producer of the latest female friendly erotic brand said,

“I wanted to offer something that looked beautiful from the outset, so as soon as you landed on the page you were engaged in something arousing and not just explicitly graphic, but its visual content had meaning while being sexually visual, something that women and couples felt comfortable approaching. I wanted to use fantasies as a bedrock, bring depth of pleasure and stimulation through stories and entwine it all with sexy erotic films. Two pleasure stimulants… written and visual.

Each story and film is treated in a sexually thrilling way and is created to enrich, stimulate and fuel people’s fantasies, it is designed to be highly erotic and visually beautiful and although definitely naughty, I do not see as vulgar or distasteful. For me it’s my type of erotica… its erotica for girls and couples. Afterall, women like sexy images that make them feel hot, but very little out there today offers sex, lust and passion in the way I feel it should treated. It’s an interesting concept but I do believe women feel more comfortable watching erotica that has been made by a woman too, created with pleasure to offer pleasure.

“It’s important we do see other sides to erotic content and see that there is choice out there which illustrates sexual activity in a creative arousing manner. Many adults both men and women are wanting to find erotic pornographic material that is well produced, is respectful of all performers and audiences and makes them feel good to watch, not just physically but emotionally. However it is worth remembering for that quality it doesn’t come for free.”