People in an office using seated and standing desks

The average person spends a large part of their day sitting down, and studies show that spending excessive time in a seated position can lead to weight gain, back pain and even depression.

With many health risks caused from sitting to long, the Varidesk, a sit/stand desk, is an effective and easy to use height-adjustable desk for both the home and office.

The Varidesk is an adjustable platform that sits on top of your existing desk, making it easy for you to switch positions as often as you like and work from either a standing or seated position. The desk also comes with an app, to remind you hourly to stand up.

Why Use a Varidesk?

Research shows that staying in your chair for ten or more hours a week can be directly linked to weight gain, back issues and circulatory problems in the long run. In contrast, standing seems to reverse many of these illnesses.

Standing improves your breathing by allowing the chest to be fully open, giving full facility to the diaphragm, maximising the available capacity for air intake into your lungs and so delivering more oxygen to your body which in turn improves your concentration.

Instead of crouching over the computer screen, move naturally. This allows the body to burn calories and engages your muscles, the extra movement allows the blood to circulate throughout the body.

Standing is an effective approach to tackling high blood pressure. Hypertension is an excessive fall in blood pressure that occurs when a person stands up or is in an upright position.

It’s an old and recognised sales force technique – when you want to make a difficult sales call then stand up to do it! Standing up takes you out of the vulnerable seated position and puts you in a stance which is ready to deal with the deep instinctual dilemma of ‘fight or flight’. Try it for yourself and you’ll see that there is an increase in confidence as you literally stand to face any challenge. This additional confidence makes difficult tasks easier to approach.

Standing encourages mobility and constantly re-aligns the spine as you adjust your stance, engaging and strengthening the core muscles which in turn supports good posture.

Picture of a Varidesk
10 Reasons to use the Varidesk.
  1.  Burn More Calories
  2. Correct Your Posture
  3. Improve Your Circulation
  4. Better Breathing
  5. Engage Your Muscles
  6. Kick Start Your Metabolism
  7. Improve Concentration and Confidence
  8. Reduce Stress
  9. Reduce Blood Pressure
  10. Get A Better Night’s Sleep

The Varidesk starts at £275 for the single desk. The full range can be found at

Varidesk are giving away 10 standing desks, of your choice, worth up to £5000 to one lucky company. Visit their website for more information:

We are currently trialling a Varidesk at Sunday Woman and will shortly be publishing our thoughts!