This year there are a lot of toy trends and already many shops are selling out of popular products. If you’ve got your eye on a Hatchimal (again) or a golden LOL ball, or even a Grimm’s rainbow, we wish you luck in your search. The best place to find LOL balls, Twin Hatchimals and Num Noms products is The Entertainer. They have regular stock and sell only the best products and toys. Don’t be fooled by fakes.

If you’re looking for something a little different please read on. We’ve collected, what we believe to be, the best 2017 gift ideas for under 10 year olds. These presents are for both boys and girls, and in an ever increasing gender neutral world, they should be suitable for both sexes.

We’ve chosen the toys based on their educational factors, their quality, their ease of use and their value for money. We’ve had fun testing each and every one and we’re confident you’ll be impressed if you choose these for your little ones.

Please be assured, we collect no money or commission from recommending these products to you, so you can shop with confidence.

Tech Toys for Under 10’s

Without further ado, let’s start with a product that’s won our hearts and our Top Product Award

Cognitoy – Dino

The Cognitoy green dino is a cheeky little chappy that gives your child the functionality of a technological assistant like Amazon Alexa. With a wide range of features and functions it actually grows with your child, and is robust enough to carry anywhere. You do need wifi but once you’re connected you’ll be amazed at what this dino can do. We absolutely love him and we’re certain you will love him too. He’s the perfect blend of education and tech, and we’re sure under 10’s will become his new best friend.

cognitoy dino top product sunday woman magazine
cognitoy dino top product sunday woman magazine

Jumi the Astro Robot

We may have fallen in love with Jumi because he looks alike to the Short Circuit robot, but even without his looks (before he’s built), he’s an absolutely pleasure to have around. What an ingenious way to introduce children to the world of coding, to help them learn this essential skill for life in a modern world. The only danger with Jumi is that adults will want to take over, you will want to play and to learn coding basics too. If you can keep your hands off and relinquish control to your child, Jumi is the intelligent robot for you.

Vtech Kidi Com Max Tablet

The Vtech Max tablet is ideal for younger children, and delivers all the functionality of a real tablet in a robust frame. We love the bright colours, the apps and the ease of use, and think this is a great, safe way to introduce little ones to the internet, and games.

Little Tikes My First Drone

My First Drone is one of the must have toys of this year, it’s strong and sturdy and let’s under 10’s fly their own drone easily. Unlike other drones it won’t break easily when it crash lands (as all drones do at some point) and the easy to use remote control is an absolute breeze. We love it.

RCA by Venturer Mercury Tablet

This small tablet packs a powerful punch as it has a Quad Core processor making it super fast and ideal for storing a lot of APPs. It also has a camera, that’s front facing so you can use it for selfies, Snapchat and video calls with friends and family. We think it makes a great first tablet for under 10’s and at £49.99 it won’t break the bank.

Construction Toys and Role Play Toys

We love construction toys and role play toys for under 10s. Role play should still be an essential part of a little one’s life, as it feeds the imagination and allows for creativity to flourish. All of these toys are capable of bringing mindful scenarios to life, all they need is a child with a story to tell.

Lego Elves Magic Rescue from the Goblin Village

The Lego Elves sets are in high demand this year so buy these early. This is mainly due to the very popular TV show of Lego Elves. If you’ve never seen the show we highly recommend it. The set is generous and your child can build a whole goblin village. It comes with lego elves characters, along with plenty of jewels, and is a wonderful set for girls and boys alike.

Lego Superhero Girls Lena Luther and The Kryptonite Factory

We rejoiced when the Superhero girls Lego hit the shelves. It’s not mamby pamby, it’s actually Lego with attitude. We love it and this set is a prime example of all that’s right with the superhero girls lego. Lena Luther is the baddy in charge of the Kryptonite factory, can supergirl save the day or will the kyrptonite zap her strength? Build the set to find out!

Playmobil Egyptian Pyramid

This wins our Top Product Award too as we’re geeks, we love history and adore the fact that Playmobil have found a great way to introduce this to our children. The Egyptian Pyramid is a feast for the eyes, with an attention to details that’s simply mindblowing. It’s the must have set for under 10s this Christmas. It’s no surprise that our Facebook feeds are full of friends looking for good deals on Playmobil this year, it’s what every child wants. Even if you don’t find any with money off, we still believe this is excellent value for money and a brilliant gift to give a little one. Can you tell we’re a little in love with it? Take a look.

Playmobil Dragons

If you’ve already bought the main present, this smaller playmobil set is ideal. From How to Train Your Dragon, the Dragons set is 16 pieces of awesomeness. Characters from other sets will love to ride the dragon, while the friendly dragon will compliment any set, even th Egyptian one above!

Barbie Camper Van

Barbie has come a long way and is constantly evolving. We love the camper van set, not least because it has its own jacuzzi. Who wouldn’t love it? It’s a great set for giving your child a doll’s house without taking up too much space as it has everything a little one needs for role play. From the oven to the dining area, there’s hours of play waiting to be had with the Barbie campervan

Photographer Jeremy Lloyd / Stylist Sheryl Fetrick

Barbie Horse Set

This Barbie horse set is unlike others as the horse seems actually true to size, it’s not tiny as you’ll find in other playsets. It also has a range of features and sounds and is sturdy and attractive. We prefer it to Breyer’s offerings this year as it seems to be better quality and has more potential for role play. We’re quite in love. The set comes with equestrian barbie too, so is ideal for horse and pony lovers.

Photographer Rafael
Photographer/Stylist Sheryl

JoJo Maman Bebe Picnic Basket

JoJo Maman Bebe is quickly becoming a brand in the office we associate with quality and fun. This picnic basket of wooden food highlights what we love. It’s strong, sturdy, bright, cheerful and high quality. A must have item for any teddy bear’s picnic.

Weber Play Barbecue and Food

Winter doesn’t mean an end to barbecues, this Weber toy barbecue and food is strong enough to last all year round. Let your child cook up a feast on the kettle grill and enjoy barbecued food this Christmas Day with this fabulous role play toy.

Board Games for under 10 Year Olds

Board games are brilliant ways to while away a few hours with laughter, but finding the right one for all the family can be tricky. We’ve tested a range for under 10s that grown ups and teenagers will love to take part in.

Beasts of Balance

Beasts of Balance is an interactive board game that is a feast for the eyes. It’s bright and colourful, easy to navigate and provides hours of entertainment for all ages. It will soon become a Christmas staple or the board game of choice to play on a rainy day. It’s an act of balancing, skill and wit, plus a little luck and the whole family will love it.

Woofy Whoops

As the name suggests Woofy Whoops is a silly and fun game that under 10s will love. Give into that inner child and enjoy a few rounds of these gloriously amusing Woofy Whoops.

Outdoor Toys for Under 10s

Mini Hornets Lights and Sounds for Bikes

We’ve had a lot of fun playing with the Mini Hornet as it has over twenty five sounds and lights that can be activated using a remote trigger. It’s the perfect addition to any bike, as it turns an ordinary bike into a sound and light show. A great stocking filler.

Mini BMX

The mini BMX is a whole lot of fun for a child of any age. We’ve found it’s ideal to use as a balancing bike or for those who are not yet confident riders as it’s close to the ground. It’s also a brilliant bike for those with a little more skill, it can be used to practice tricks and it’ll always look amazing too. We love this one from Skates, as it’s excellent value for money and rides great.

Books for Under 10s

Detective Dot

Detective Dot is a CIA agent who will take you on a discovery quest. Once subscribed you receive a range of goodies and regular detective updates. Feed the private investigator in your child with a book with a difference.

Unicorn note book- personalised from Personalised Gifts Shop

The personalised notebook from Personalised Gifts Shop is a beautiful gift for children of all ages. They can write they wishes and dreams, or even their shopping list in the pages. The Personalised Gifts shop also sells a gorgeous, traditional sweetie jar that can be personalised with your child’s name, a lovely present to give from the elves!

My Golden Ticket by Wonderbly

The My Golden Ticket personalised book from Wonderbly is a book full of magic and delicious intrigue. Using the child’s name it takes your little one on a tour of the chocolate factory and even names a new Wonka bar after them. It may be our imagination but the pages did smell a little like chocolate and sweets. This is one for the memories as it will last a lifetime and transport your child to a magical Roald Dahl world every time they read it.

Glow in the Dark Jumping Beans

Hawkin’s Bizarre have some great stocking fillers this year but we really like these glow in the dark jumping beans. Cheap and cheerful, they’ll be a welcome addition to any stocking.

If you have any recommendations for gift ideas for under 10s please let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as you could win a prize!

Kidly Magnetic Rocket

This little rocket is ideal for introducing little ones to the world of magnets. It all fits together like a jigsaw, except children have to learn about the north and south poles as some will repel each other if not fitted together correctly. It’s a gorgeous toy to play with once assembled and will allow imaginations to run wild.