Martina Mercer caught up with Amelia Singer to ask Sunday Woman’s Ten Probing Questions. Amelia was a great sport, with a wonderful infectious personality and her answers are below.

  1. What is your earliest childhood memory?

Having being put in a new velvet dress to wear on Christmas Day and spilling my mother’s nail varnish all over it.

  1. Who was your best friend at school, please describe them. Are you in touch now?

At nursery school it was my friend Rob. I was Mary and he was Angel Gabriel in the nativity play. We are still best friends and I was a witness at his wedding a few months ago.

  1. Did you have a trouble free teenage life? If not, why?

I did have a fairly trouble free teenage life. I loved school and had and still have my close friends from school. The only thing I suffered from was exam anxiety. I absolutely hated maths and science and so GCSEs were extremely stressful for me. I lost a lot of weight and hair that year!

  1. What has been the biggest change in your life so far?

Being able to say no. I am naturally a people pleaser but gradually with age and experience I am getting better at putting myself first and having certain boundaries… I am still learning though!

  1. Have you made any enemies along your way? How have you dealt with them?

Following up from the above, I have gradually learnt that you can’t please everyone. And actually, if you are doing well then you are definitely going to piss off someone! Surrounding yourself with people who give you energy, love you for you and keep you grounded is the best way to forgive and forget any toxic people who you may come into contact with.

  1. Do you have a best friend? Who is it? (If you’d rather not mention names, please just describe the person).

I don’t have just one best friend. I actually have best friends from all stages in my life, nursery school, primary school, secondary school and people who I may have met at uni or through work. They all though share the same qualities – solid values, open mindedness, ability to empathise and also know how to let go!

  1. If we were to grant you a wish to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I am a bit of a worrier. This can range from work worries, getting to the airport three hours ahead of time and having to go the loo right before a film starts.

  1. What do you think is the key to happiness?

The usual cliches, but there is a reason why they are cliches! Living in the present, not letting what other people think about you hold you back, give love mindfully yet freely and allow yourself to be loved. Also being able to laugh at yourself! That has been essential for my sanity and happiness!

  1. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

I normally book an early work out class which forces me to have structure in my free lancer day… that and my peanut butter laden breakfast… mmmmmmm

  1. What are you doing currently? Please briefly describe your busiest day.

Lots of things! I am the wine writer for Waitrose magazine, I have just finished filming for the second series of The Wine Show, I run supper clubs, one of which I’m hosting on the 28th of September called Rose Renaissance, and wine tasting events in London and I just got back from filming in California as I work with the Institute of California to promote Californian wine in the UK.

Each day is varied and busy. Just this week I was in Santa Barbara and up at 6am in the morning, on the road by 7am to film 12 different wine makers in their respective wineries which were dotted all around Santa Barabara county. A very large and mountainous region! After filming we then had a photo shoot back in Santa Barbara and a thank you dinner for the production company. I then had to be up at 4am the next day to do a phone interview with a UK national newspaper  – I love the 8HR time differences!

To learn more about wine, join Amelia Singer’s ‘Rosé Renaissance’ supper club at 7.30pm on 28th September in London. Tickets cost £65pp and are available here: