We’ve scoured the shops and the internet to bring you the best gifts for writers. We have lots of writer friends and wanted to find great gifts that offered something a little different. If you have an idea for the best gift for writers list please do get in touch. We love hearing about new, exciting products and would be happy to give our favourites a mention, for no cost.

We receive no royalties or commission for mentioning these gifts in our posts so you can be confident we’re recommending the best gifts for writers that truly float our boat!

Howat and Hutchinson

Desk Tidy and Pen Pot

These gorgeous leather desk tidies and pen pots are beautifully made with intricate stitching. These are the type of products that will last for generations and will complement the Chesterfield sofa of a reading room perfectly. Although we adore the traditional aesthetics of these desk items, and can see them in a wood panelled room with a real crackling log fire, we also adore the way they fit seamlessly into a contemporary setting too. They really do do it all. They’re very generous in size, and easy to clean, while they add an enviable style to any office.

Percy pen pot 1 Oakley desk tidy-1



Hurn and Hurn

Antique Whale Bookends

These antiquited whale bookends are made of cast iron and are sure to last a lifetime. We love these in the office as they look so cute on our shelves and they’d also make good weapons due to the incredible weight (not that we’d ever condone that!)

whale bookends

Sprout World

Sprout Pencil

This pencil is amazing. Once you’ve finished with it you can plant it anywhere and grow a tree! It comes beautifully packaged and is sure to be well received. We were in absolute awe of this, what a lovely idea and a brilliant gift!


Kindle PaperWhite

Of course, any eReader is great for a writer but we do prefer the Kindle Paperwhite as it enables us to retain the feel of a real book. The Kindle Fire is too much like a tablet for our liking, and is not very good at aiding relaxation due to the ability to check work emails (maybe that’s just me!)

I’ve tested the old paperwhite, so please don’t take this as gospel, as the new paperwhite may be different, but if it’s the same as the older versions, it’s certainly one of the best, most simple, eReaders on the market.

Keep an eye out for another post where we compare Nook and others to find the best eReader through vigorous testing!

Organise Us


Beautifully boxed and covered with faux leather, this is a wonderful gift for any writer. There’s no need for gift wrap as the packaging respects the leaves of the notebook inside. We love it.