We have tried and tested many lawnmowers over the years and believe the best lawnmowers have common attributes that make the job so much simpler, cleaner and quicker.

A bad lawnmower can ruin a person’s whole day, as it cuts out frequently, takes forever to cut the grass and when the job is complete it looks messy and unkempt.

The lawnmowers we’re recommending all perform brilliantly and are ideal for variable sized gardens. Shop with confidence as we bring you the best lawnmowers, the ones that make a whole garden of difference.

Top Product

Cobra Petrol Lawnmower

We’ve used many petrol lawnmowers in the past and while the power is undeniable, the choke can be a headache. For instance, the Lawnmaster petrol lawnmower cuts grass expertly, and is a joy to handle, but the choke can be temperamental and often needs some muscle behind it. The Cobra petrol lawnmower identified this problem and solved it, by combining a starter battery with a petrol engine to make turning on the lawnmower as simple as pressing a button, and it really is that easy.

Our editor says, “I can now mow the entire paddock without asking for help with a choke. The battery starter has an incredibly long life and has powered the lawnmower all summer. It’s as easy as starting a car. Why can’t all petrol lawnmowers have this function?”

Alongside it’s obvious benefits, the Cobra also cuts grass with precision allowing perfectionists to create the striped lawn aesthetic effortlessly. It has a range of settings, from slow to fast, high to low and is self propelled so even hills are easy to mow.

This is our star product, if we gave it a score it would be 10/10, it’s even handled long grass with ease. A sound investment.

Stihl Cordless Electric Lawnmower

This extremely lightweight handy lawnmower is the ultimate in convenience for mowing a small lawn. It uses a rechargeable battery pack that has a long life and makes quick work of small gardens. Easy to manoeuvre and a pleasure to push, this is the ideal lawnmower for anyone looking for a super swift solution that performs.

Although we recommend it for smaller gardens, it’s also ideal for larger gardens and grass verges. It is easy to handle on a slope and can run for hours. We love it.