We love reviewing hair products and are quite ruthless in the process as we don’t publish reviews of any we don’t like. All you see on these pages are products that have impressed us in the shower with their feel, smell and the results they create. We’re always on the lookout for shampoos and conditioners that really do deliver on their promises. If they claim to be for frizzy hair, we seek luscious straight locks, if they claim to be for oily hair, we want grease free tresses for at least three days. We’re very hard to please but that’s good news for you. Here’s our latest lowdown on the best shampoo bars and shampoos and conditioners for dry and oily hair. We also have a list of hair products for frizzy hair and hair products for the winter season (when the central heating dries hair out!) please do check them out. If it’s tools you’re looking for, you can find them here.

Grow Gorgeous

Grow Gorgeous is new to us and we were blown away by the first sniff of the defence spray. It could be used as a hair perfume as it really refreshes the hair while protecting from the elements, it’s intoxicating, in a good way. It leaves hair feeling thoroughly taken care of while the shampoo and conditioner smooth frizzy hair without making it greasy, so they’re ideal for oily hair too. The gift set would be the ultimate gift for someone you love.

Award winner Grow Gorgeous
Grow Gorgeous win our Top Product Award


This shampoo and conditioner is for thinning hair, yet it produces results that create sleek luscious locks that are shiny and healthy. They also have a range of hair fibres that help with first stages of alopecia and hair loss, my mum found them invaluable when going through chemotherapy.


Tropic is here as we love the Tropic hair cleanser, it doesn’t really lather but it leaves hair feeling and smelling great. It also does what it says, as hair does feel thoroughly cleansed and the conditioner seems to absorb better after use, or that could be our imagination. We’re really loving this brand, their pineapple and lime body wash is to die for. We’re excited to see where they go as they bring out new products.

Pink Heaven

These shampoo bars are a great budget buy while being incredibly useful for travelling. They’re small and perfectly formed while the shampoo produces a great lather and the conditioner really does nourish and restore. They smell divine and leave hair in a cloud of natural fragrance. We defy you not to use the shampoo bar for the rest of your body, that’s how good it smells.


Cake shampoo and conditioner is available in Boots and has a gorgeous scent while leaving hair feeling soft and vibrant. A beautiful range for on a budget or for a teen.

The Hair Boss

You’ll find the Hair Boss in Boots and Superdrug, it’s a luxury two step system that nourishes the hair and repairs damage. The presentation is beautiful and it really does deliver results. We loved it.


This set bowled us over. The scent is absolutely divine, in a steamy shower or bath it’s akin to indulging in a full on aromatherapy session that lifts the mood and calms the senses. That’s not all. The shampoo and conditioner left hair feeling soft and silky, without frizz, even the morning after. This is one set we will buy again and again and one that really creates an impression.

Nereus Review


The plastic free zero waste shampoo bar from Lamazuna is a handy sized bar that gives a good clean. Ideal for showers on the go, we loved the scent and the vibrant box. There are a range of solid, plastic free products and they would make good stocking fillers.

Lamazuna Review Sunday Woman

Kind 2

Eco friendly little bars that are convenient on the go! I was going to leave that there but I have NEVER dealt with such a nasty person as the one who runs this company’s PR and feel bad for the product as it won’t be featured anywhere with an attitude like that. They also represent Moo haircare and others, so sad. These companies will go bust without the representation they deserve. Have included it as it’s not the product owner’s fault.