We’ve found the best headphones, bluetooth speakers and tech gifts for kids and adults. We’ve tested every single one so you can shop with confidence. We receive no commision for recommending the products, we just believe these are the best we’ve tested for our gift guide!



In silver, black or gold £169 www.phonaudio.com

• Rich clear bass sound.
• Switch seamlessly between music and calls.
• Features an advanced built-in microphone system.
• Durable and foldable design.
• Compact and Light weight.
• Uniquely designed for extreme comfort.

These really do have a supreme sound and look and feel amazing. These are the best headphones we’ve tested for a long long time.

MONSTER iSport Freedom (£199.95)


Available at www.monsterproducts.eu
The original Freedoms were created because people in the gym were wearing normal ON/Over Ear headphones, and the issue is that they are not built for sports!
The new Freedoms have got more technology – the new swipe technology making it easier to change tracks, play/ pause
Stronger battery life of 24 hours playback
They’re durable and sweat-proof and the only on-ear headphones specifically designed for Sport meaning they can withstand the most vigorous workouts
Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows you to work out in the gym or go running outdoors without messing around with cables
They include cutting edge touch sensing controls for play/pause, tracking and volume which makes it easy to control the music while you work out
Contain two different sound profiles – standard and “turbo” mode which provides more bass to your listening experience
High res images can be found here: https://we.tl/pEZWneceth

MDR-1000X – Industry-leading noise cancellation wireless headphones from Sony

6d6d5355433c5f999ab0308616e8f6adWith flagship noise cancelling performance, this pair of premium headphones offers the most responsive cancellation of ambient sound frequency range on the market. They showcase for the first time ‘Quick Attention’ mode that lets you place the palm of your hand to the outside of the headphone ear cup to have a conversation with someone, without taking the headset off
Industry-leading noise cancellation
Personalised features never seen before including; Personal NC Optimizer, Quick Attention and Ambient Sound Mode
High-Resolution Audio for better than ever sound
Price: £330.00
Perfect for: Commuters, travel enthusiasts, gadget lovers, luxury gifts, dads, sons

Urbanista Seattle headphones, £49 Wired/£89 Wireless, www.urbanista.com


These Swedish headphones, both music and fashion combine,

Comfortable, stylish, the ultimate in sleek design

No sleeping in Seattle with music through the night

No wires to tether him, so borrow them you might!

Comfortable and stylish in this season’s colours these are a must. We also recommended them in our Tween’s gift guide.


LINDY BNX-60 Wireless Headphones

bnx-60-bluetooth-wireless-active-noise-cancelling-headphones-with-aptx-p9163-6656_thumbminiThe What Hi-Fi 5 Star award winning LINDY BNX-60 wireless noise cancelling headphones have been developed to deliver superb quality Hi-Fi sound using advanced aptX® technology without the distraction of annoying background noise. The BNX-60 feature high quality protein leather ear pads giving a comfortable, lightweight fit, whilst also providing excellent noise isolation. This noise isolation coupled with active noise cancellation technology reduces your exposure to external low frequency noise by up to 85%, allowing you to enjoy your music without distraction.
An integrated microphone allows you to make handsfree calls with your smartphone, tablet or PC, whilst on-ear music controls allow you to adjust the volume, Play/Pause and Skip Forward/Back so that you can leave your portable device hidden from sight.

Monster Earbuds

bright and funky these sit neatly in the ear and don’t fall out like others do. The clarity of sound is amazing and they’re some of the best in ear buds we’ve tried so far.

image006-3 image004-7

  • Designed to fit perfectly no matter what your ear shape or size.
  • Provide superior noise isolation–great for focusing on the music while working or studying.
  • Thanks to Universal ControlTalk® Controls, users can take a call, shuffle music, skip a track or adjust volume.

Additionally, the high intelligibility microphone is placed at the optimal angle and, along with Active Echo Suppression, deliver crystal-clear calls and voice recognition.

Sound Asleep Pillow Headphones (Kind Of)

With a speaker inside, he/she can drift off to sleep listening to any music he chooses. No need for headphones and nobody else can hear, he simply plugs in his device. £19.99 from www.soundasleep.co.uk

This is actually brilliant and the sound quality is of a very high quality which you wouldn’t expect from a pillow. It’speaker-pillows also one of the comfiest pillows we’ve tried and we’ve conducted a lot of mattress reviews and pillow reviews lately.

He or she won’t be disappointed with this. It’s quite simply, amazing.






More Tech Gifts for Kids and Adults

Flic – The Button that Does it All! (And it’s won our Top Product award!)

introIn a nutshell it’s a portable, simple to use, one-touch wireless button which sticks to any surface and acts as a shortcut to the favourite apps on a smart-phone.

You can set it up so that one click of a Flic button can perform a range of tasks such as calling a cab, ordering a pizza, unlock doors, take pictures, play music, turn on the lights in your smart phone …. but more relevant to you readers, Flic is also a portable emergency button that can instantly send your GPS location to friends.

Until now, Flic was set up allowing users to program three functions into each button. Flic is now expanding its products and launching a series of single purpose buttons. Priced at £19.99, each of the five has one (and only one) distinct function.

Here’s a summary of all five – however it’s the final one (‘FlicLocation’) that we love the best.

  • FlicFind
    Pressing the button sounds an alarm on a lost phone
    The button allows users to set their camera up and then snap a photo from a distance
    Pressing the button turns lights on and off in a home
    Allows users to control their Spotify list wherever they are in their home
    A push of the button instantly alerts – or send a distress signal if needed – a preselected list of friends and family of your GPS location (eg. when returning home after a night out). There’s a quick and simple demonstration of how it works in the video on the Flic homepage (it starts 1.53 into the video).

All five single purpose buttons are available to buy at Harrods or online from the Flic website.

Sengled Snap for Home Safety and Brighter Lights

snap_up_grandeThe Sengled Snap combines an energy-efficient LED with a wireless HD camera. This innovative combination lights up the garden, garage or hallway and also provides a feeling of reassurance thanks to its security function. The ultra-wide-angle lens of the HD camera guarantees a wide field of vision. This does mean movements are either observed in real time or the data is optimally stored in the associated cloud where it is then available to be viewed at a later date.

Surveillance zones can be defined and alerts set up using the free app (iOS ® or Android™) meaning you can relax and enjoy your holidays with a quick glance at your smartphone. This is all you need to check that everything runs smoothly at home. If visibility is poor, the infrared LEDs which are integrated in the Sengled Snap ensure a clear image.

The security LED also features an integrated microphone which allows noises to be picked up and is therefore also suitable for use as a baby videophone. As a security solution for the modern smart home, the Sengled Snap is also protected against external influences such as water and dirt.


NVIDIA God Like Streaming and Gameplay

We CANNOT champion this enough, in fact it’s won one of our Top product awards it’s that good. For any serious gamer, this is an absolute must. I used it for Netflix streaming to see Black Mirror! It’s so easy to set up and the ultra HD streaming is divine, almost too good, as you can see special effects more clearly and work out sets like never before. It has a whopping storage facility and even works with the worst internet signal (trust me, I know), it also looks cool on any desk and connects to all the best like Steam.sw-top-product-250-x-250

It’s called the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, and it’s the most powerful 4K smart TV platform ever built, to give you a bit more info, the SHIELD features:

– Ultra-fast streaming and amazing graphics quality for games and movies with performance that is up to 35x higher than other streaming boxes
– Provides access to GeForce NOW – similar to PlayStation Now – this feature allows you to stream PC (4K) games from the cloud to SHIELD devices. It’s like Netflix for games!
– Tap into Google Play™ for a huge, dynamic selection of movies, TV shows, and apps. Including Netflix, iPlayer, Plex, Hulu, App Store and more
– SHIELD Console RRP: from £149.99

The NVIDIA SHIELD ATV got a whopping 82/100 when tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute, you can see their review here.

Take the Universe with You with Universe2Go

There are a lot of virtual reality headsets out this Christmas but this is one of the best in our opinion. Universe2go lets you see into space through your Star Viewer. Wherever you are, whatever the weather, your view of space is crystal clear.

It’s really easy to use: simply download the app, pop your phone into the star gazer and you’re off into space. Find your way around using just small head movements – a quick nod will zoom you to galaxies, star clusters or constellations.

RRP: £79.00