We love beauty here at Sunday Woman, for men and women, teens and tweens, young and mature which is why we’re best placed to bring you the biggest beauty gift guide you’ve ever seen. It may not look huge right now but we’re adding to this daily until the big day so you can get daily inspiration on what to buy (yourself) the beauty addict in your life.

From moisturisers that actually DO target the T-zone while hydrating the cheeks to fragrances that transport you to the Maldives. From bath oils that leave your skin feeling as soft as a baby’s bum to cosmetics that enhance your lips. If it enhances your natural beauty in any way and is a great buy that will leave you feeling indulged and pampered, it’s in this list.

Unlike others we test EVERYTHING we feature, so if it brings you out in spots, it won’t be in our guide. If it leaves skin dry it won’t be listed below and if it’s not great value for money you won’t see it here either. Every product is reviewed properly and our own thoughts added to each and every item ensuring you can buy with confidence knowing you’re about to deliver the most precious present.

We also don’t charge brands to be in the guide, so we have no affiliation to any, we simply shout about the ones we love the most.

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Now, let’s step into a fragrant, dazzling world of beauty, where you can find inspiration for loved ones while building your own wishlist.

Olverum Body Wash

This is a must have for anyone, young, mature, male or female as it’s a soft, smooth body wash that assails the senses with essential oils and the signature fragrance Olverum is now known for. It somehow relaxes tired muscles while lifting the mood and making you feel as if you’ve truly indulged. Pair it with the scrub for a truly decadent shower experience or try the bath oil for a dip you’ll never forget!

Olverum Body Cleanser wins our Top Product Award

Swiss Force Defense

We do love skincare and products that come from Switzerland. They seem cleaner somehow, less complicated but still produce amazing results. Swissforce is no different, these products actually work to reduce redness while protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. A great stocking filler, and a new hero SPF.

Olay – Oil of Olay Gift Set

Every Christmas we’d ask my mum what she’d like. Her reply was always the same. Oil of Ulay (as it was called then) and Chanel No.5. I grew up with the pink lotion as a staple in the bathroom and when I hit my teenage years I would sneak some out to try and make my skin look as soft and smooth as my mums. It may be a coincidence but I never did succumb to acne, and I’ve always received compliments on my skin (until I hit 40!).

Olay has come a long way since then but it was one of the first moisturisers that women used daily, rather than just as a treat. Like all good brands it has progressed with the times often discovering new key ingredients, like retinol and vitamin C before any of the other leading brands.

This gift set may not seem like a budget buy at £100 but considering the contents, it really is. These three mystical tubs of hydrating and firming cream will last months, well into the spring. I will definitely be giving this to my mum this year and I know she’ll be thrilled, now I just need to find some Chanel No.5.

Oil of Ulay wins our Best Budget Buy award (Olay)

Remington Hair Tools – Proluxe hot Hair Brush

You can easily spend hundreds on hair tools, from the Dyson hairdryer to the Cloud Nine straighteners but do you really need to? The quick answer is no, especially for teens and the mature, who simply need electrical hair tools that do what they promise, without the pretence. This heated brush is ideal for creating those luscious beach waves, or for de-frizzing hair in an instant. It’s great on both thick and fine hair and stores easily and compact on a dressing table. Remington have also partnered with Manchester United to bring out a range of shavers for men that we’ve reviewed over in the men’s gift guide. They’re a dependable brand that deliver on quality while keeping the price tag low. I think I’ll be gifting this to my mum too.


The Senspa gift set is extra special as along with the usuals you also receive a pure essential oil blend that enhances the luxury pampering experience and allows you to bask in the signature scents through aromatherapy. A wonderful touch to add to the body wash, bath foam, soap and lotion, and a gift that will delight anyone as they turn their shower experience into a full indulgent evening.

The addition of the essential oil blend makes this gift stand out

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Apothecary Gift Set

This seaweed and sage gift set from ARRAN Sense of Scotland is an ideal budget stocking filler to gift to anyone this winter. Please note, ARRAN is not a budget brand but they have made this mini gift set affordable for everyone, so anyone can enjoy their signature scents, their luxury bodycare products and their unique aromatherapy blends that deliver time and time again. We’ve simply fallen in love with this brand as the shampoo and conditioner leave hair feeling revitalised, soft and frizz free while the body washes lift or clam the mood while leaving you smelling sophisticated and clean. Go check them out and see what else is on offer as these are a brand you need on your radar, they will soon be the bestselling luxury hair and body range across the UK.

They win our Best New Brand award as we believe they are going to be HUGE!

OK! Beauty Box

This is a brilliant idea to rival Glossybox. We bought the Glossybox advent calendar this week and will be reviewing it in our Advent Calendar reviews. The OK! Beauty Subscription box is, dare we say it, better than Glossybox. It’s packed full of treats that span everything from skincare to luxury bathing to scents for the home to create a full ambience. It comes with discount vouchers for the brands and feels like a complete treat. It’s also great value for money. Buy yourself one box or subscribe a friend for a year, they will thank you for it!

Great value for money!

Amare Vita Gift Set

If you hurry you can buy this gift set now with 30% off! It’s a beautiful duo that really does indulge the skin without clogging the pores. I particularly love the eye cream as now I’m getting older I find many foundations tend to cake a little in my new wrinkles. The eye cream ensures this doesn’t happen, it primes beautifully and leaves foundation looking flawless. The night oil also hydrates the skin perfectly after exfoliation, leaving you glowing. A gorgeous gift.


I’m a sucker for luxury shampoos and conditioners and am forever trying out new ones from all manner of luxury brands, some of which you can see reviewed here. At first I was a little skeptical about the OSMO gift set as it’s priced pretty low and I didn’t believe a budget shampoo and conditioner could give great results. How wrong I was! I used this trio just last night and today my hair feels 20 years younger. It’s frizz free, it’s soft, it’s silky, it’s shiny, it’s absolutely glorious, I can’t stop touching it. I’m not being paid to say this, I receive absolutely no reward from OSMO it really is a miracle worker, the best I’ve tried since the Macadamia shampoo and conditioner that is sadly out of production now. A gorgeous gift for anyone that fights the frizz.