My hair has seen much better days of late. I made the mistake of choosing a new hairdresser, albeit at the same salon. The highlights I requested turned me blond, which wrecked my hair and left it in the worse state it has been in for decades. BiOrganics came to the rescue, when I thought there was no hope after trying a multitude of deep conditioners, their simple looking bottles produced the winning formula. Hardly any was needed to bring my hair back from the brink and for that I’ll be forever grateful. Sleek silky locks were mine again although I really do need to tend to those split ends. Fortunately this move means I’m now close to my old Vidal Sassoon hairdresser, the stylist that took me thirty years to find. She knows how to cut hair to suit a lifestyle, to make it easy to manage and how to work with natural waves. It’s a gift I took for granted, but one I’ll never ignore again, please book me in instantly, Theresa Mulchrone, I need you at icuthair.