Last year my daughters gave me their Christmas gift lists. Each had only one item. A bedroom makeover. My eldest requested a bohemian style bedroom makeover, while my youngest requested a pastel rainbow theme (post to follow).

I’m a single parent, and I’m no good at DIY. It escapes me somehow, even using a drill is beyond my capabilities, so this was a very big task. In addition to this, I had no childcare, we were in lockdown and I was finding it hard enough to work 9-5 Monday to Friday. Yet, what I realised growing up, and as a parent, is that the greatest gift you can give your children is your time. With this in mind I forgot about the housework for a month of weekends and concentrated making this the best Boho bedroom ever. I’m no interior designer, so this is a very real post, showing a very real bedroom, it’s not stylised, the photos haven’t been photoshopped, we weren’t allowed a team of photographers, and it’s been created with personal touches in mind to ensure it’s practical and personal to my daughter.

Rug seller boho rug

The Colours

I used Lick paint to colour the walls, they have a wide selection and I was interested in testing out their claims. They say it can be used on any surface without a primer, from skirting boards to cupboards and walls. They weren’t wrong. It gives great coverage and the shape of the tins mean it’s easy to pour into a rolling tray. I’m sold on this.

We went for beige and a very soft pink that you can’t really see due to the effects of the lights.

The Plants

The plants were a very important part pf this theme, and we sourced ours from Next and La Redoute. Aldi also had a few good ones in at the time, so they’re worth keeping an eye on. The hanging colour block planters are from there.

The Bedding

I chose a simple bedding set, a Hotel Collection with a high thread count embossed with a gold piping. I’m told it’s really comfortable and it does look great!

The Duck

I chose the duck from the selection on Azutura, I liked it so much I bought another for my other daughter’s bedroom. Although it’s not in the Boho style, my daughter adores ducks and geese, so I wanted something personal to her.

duck mural

The Rug

The Boho rug came from the rug seller, it’s the perfect size and so soft underfoot. Unlike other rugs it didn’t curl at the edges when laid, they really do provide excellent quality and it brings the whole room together.

Boho desk

The wicker accents, such as the lights, floor standing and ceiling lights, the plants, the baskets and the macrame all came together to produce this look as well as the gilt shelves and frames. I really hope you like it.