The Britannia International Hotel was an obvious choice for a pair of professional adults who wanted to escape from the busy working life with children. For this Britannia International Hotel review we booked for 3 nights for a romantic weekend as we visited London like tourists, visited a West end Show and went Ice Skating in Canary Wharf.

Canary Wharf is always a pleasure to visit be it for a break or for business. It’s always so clean and there are rarely children around making it very grown up and serene. We knew it would be the perfect base for a weekend deemed to be children free.

The price seemed very reasonable for the location and the room. The room was quite glorious, decorated classically, like stepping into a reproduction museum. The dark woods and space made it a joy to snuggle up in, although it could have been a little cleaner, but that’s just nit picking.

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The room receives a good 4.5 out of 5 stars for this review.

The spa, let’s face it, didn’t exist which was a real shame for a romantic weekend. It consisted of one person who gave the odd sports massage but was away “indefinitely” and not known when to return. This was disappointing. The pool was small and cramped, while the steam rooms needed to be cleaned. It’s fair to say you shouldn’t visit here for the facilities!

The restaurants were fine and served some good food in some tired decor. The whole hotel seemed to have stopped in time somewhere in the seventies, when the owner decided it just didn’t need anything else doing to it. Even the antique reproduction furniture is reminiscent of the classic style of that decade, the Victorian Candy twists and mahogany chests, along side a lot of walnut veneers.

The breakfast was plentiful and had everything you would expect for an all you can eat affair. It could have been cleaner, but it served its purpose and we didn’t come down with anything!

It was an excellent stay despite the set backs though, which could have been due to the company. It provided the perfect place to explore the delights of Canary Wharf and the views were extraordinary. This is one hotel we would visit again at a pinch for exploring London, we’ll just know to book into another spa instead.

Recommended hotel if you’re not planning on using the facilities, a perfect room to lay your head after a full day’s sightseeing or in London on business.