The internet has brought about a lot of online casting agencies along with other means for scammers to get in touch with you. Unfortunately, in the modelling business, unscrupulous people know you’re looking for that one great opportunity and they’ll exploit your ambition by offering deals that really are too good to be true.

Sometimes it can be difficult to spot those who are not genuine, or those that will take your money and run but here at Sunday Woman, we investigate them all and have some tips along with recommendations.

What to Look Out For

We’re not implying that you’ll never get a big break or that every offer is a scam, far from it but we do want to make sure you know the pitfalls so you don’t fall into one of these traps.

Here are some warning signs to look out for:

An Upfront Fee

While you may be expected to have your own portfolio, which you will have to pay for as it’s an investment in yourself, a good casting or modelling agency will not ask for an upfront fee. They make money out of your success, usually on a commission basis.

Guaranteed Work

No agency, no person, no agent can guarantee anyone in the modelling agency work. It’s an unfortunate nature of the job. Even the highest paid models have uncertainty over where the next job will come from. They can introduce you to their contacts and they can put you forward for jobs they think you’d be suitable but they can’t guarantee you’ll be picked.

Enrolment by Post

A good agency will not enrol you by post. Your photo may be incredible but they need to see you in the flesh no matter how gorgeous you are. It’s not just your looks but your confidence that agencies sign you up on.

All Good Agencies are Searchable

Most established agencies are searchable online by their domain name. If you can’t find the agency in question online, walk away. It is also always advisable to look for any work they have done online. However, for newer agencies, a long history may not always be apparent as they are still establishing themselves. Nonetheless, if you can’t see the work they’ve done for other clients, walk away. In this day and age there’s no excuse to be invisible.

How Do I Protect Myself?

With all of these hazards it can be confusing. You want to be the next big thing but you don’t want to blow your budget on an agency that could take your money and run. Fortunately there are middle men, companies like that protect you, remove the uncertainty and make sure any offers you get are genuine.

As well as keeping you safe, they also actively connect you to the best agencies and help you get the exposure you deserve. They really are worth a look as they have some great models who have signed up and they remove the risk in a flash.