All new parents worry about their offspring. Suddenly, the world seems fraught with danger and our nightmares of our child coming to harm seem all too real.

We’ve all had those fears that our baby may come to harm and many of us have watched a baby sleep just to comfort ourselves that they’re still breathing naturally.

For myself, a person prone to over thinking situations concerning the children, a mum that has to fight the urge to wrap my kids up in cotton wool as all manner of awful scenarios play out in my mind, education helped. After attending a baby first aid course, I felt some worry subside as it gave me the confidence to feel capable should accidents happen.

Of course I still worry to the point of panic at times, especially on an evening when sleep seems to elude me, but that’s a price we pay for parenthood.

This new St John’s Ambulance video aims to educate the 4 out of 5 parents who don’t know how to respond if their baby swallows a foreign object and begins to choke.

The cast is pretty spectacular, while the advice is straightforward and simple.

Take a look.


  • Princess: David Walliams
  • Jelly Baby: Johnny Vegas
  • Peanut: John Hurt
  • Pen Lid: David Mitchell

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