Call it bad luck, call it karma or blame Sod’s Law; whoever or whatever is the culprit the chances are that your car will breakdown at the worst possible time and usually in the worst possible weather. How well prepared you are in advance in case of an emergency will make all the difference to how much of a pain the breakdown is and how quickly you are back on the road.

It Could Be a Quick Fix
This may be a magazine aimed primarily at women however that doesn’t mean that we assume that all readers are would-be damsels in distress and will need rescuing. Personally I don’t know my jack from my jump leads and so would be on the phone pronto to someone who does however if you are prepared you could make minor repairs yourself.

If you know what the problem is, have the tools available and are in a safe enough place to attempt repairs then you could save yourself a call to a breakdown company and a potential repair or tow bill.

Call the Right People to Help
Who you call if you do need help will depend on the situation and where you are in.

The Highways Agency advises that you only stop on the hard shoulder of the motorway in a dire emergency and that you use one of the call boxes to call for help. Due to fast moving traffic and the dangers associated with being on the side of the motorway the Highways Agency and/or emergency services will help you get to a safe place and if needs be you will then be able to call your breakdown service provider.

Who you call will depend on your situation. A general breakdown will require a breakdown company however in the case of a situation such as putting the wrong type of fuel in your car (this happens more often that you would suppose); a specialist in fuel draining should be at the top of your emergency call list.

Be Prepared
If you didn’t fancy being a Brownie or a Girl Guide growing up it doesn’t matter, you may redeem yourself in adulthood by ensuring that you are always prepared before setting off on a journey. Make sure that your car is well-maintained, that you have enough water, oil and fuel, that you have emergency supplies in the event of a breakdown such as snacks and drinks, a first aid kit, blankets and anything else which might keep you safe and healthy.

Keep a list of emergency numbers in your glove box with a torch and spare batteries as well as some change. Mobile phones are great if charged up and if you are able to get a signal; if not you’ll need to rely on good old-fashioned payphones to call for help.

Ensure you have solid shoes for walking for help or being sat on the roadside along with a waterproof jacket, a high visibility waistcoat or similar and of course the red warning triangle so that you may be sure other road users may see both you and your vehicle.

Breakdowns are unfortunately something that all drivers may face at one time or another so ensure that you are prepared for the worst so that you may make the very best of your situation.

The easiest way to ensure you don’t break down is to book your car in for a regular car service.

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