Of course this isn’t a real letter from Diana. I am a psychologist, and also a little psychic. I had a dream of Diana writing to Harry and reading the letter out loud before she sent it. This is what was in that letter along with a little advice from myself as a mum just wanting the best for her children.

Please do treat it exactly as intended, a work of fiction. However, if Prince Harry does ever read it, I hope he gains some comfort as some of the feelings mentioned are not spoken of lightly, they’re from a deep analysis of their special bond and relationship coupled with Diana’s own life events and teachings.

The photography is exclusive to Sunday Woman Magazine and never seen before.

Prince Harry with his sister in law Princess Kate and stepmother the Queen Consort Camilla

Dearest Harry,

My beautiful sunshine son, how raw and exposed you must feel right now. I would be the only person who can completely understand what you’re going through at this moment and I so wish I was there, with your stunning family, to help you ride this treacherous storm, to give gentle guidance and to advise on what battles to fight and which to leave alone in order to win the war.

It must have felt so cathartic to disclose so many details as you retold your childhood and early adulthood. I’m sure it gave you lucid dreams, even nightmares as you relived all of the pain, the confusion, the guilt and the grief. I only hope it brought you some closure, as now I know you must be questioning your decision to bare your innermost thoughts and feelings to a world that is so often so judgemental and unkind. A world where many believe the monarchy can do no wrong, where the tabloids control the narrative and where many close their ears to tales against the stoic British institution. You’ve taken on the largest establishment in the entire world and you’ve done it solely with the support of Meghan and your children, yet I’m sure, at times, you feel completely alone. 

I was silenced with the divorce and at the time I was so tired of fighting against solid brick wall that seemed to grow more powerful, not less, when I attacked. My sole focus was on moving forward with everything I needed, we needed, to survive and have a happy life, if not entirely normal. I was so scared of losing you and William and was so grateful to have shared custody, money to pursue my projects and a freedom of sorts to live my life, until I didn’t. I do believe, with the support of Dodi, I may have found a way to break my silence later on and maybe that’s the reason there are so many conspiracies surrounding my death.

Oh how I wish I’d faked it and hidden in a tropical island until the storm abated, emerging as a green eyed brunette ready to guide you into adulthood but no. I would never leave you boys. You were my life, my soul, my reason for living, my reason for carrying on. 

Of course, I was trying to build a life for myself also, you’d been ripped from me in the name of institution and sent to boarding school. I always knew the day would come but hated every second of handing you over to another establishment. I had to find something for me, to fill my time, as you needed me less and less. Please, please do not feel guilty about our final phone call. If I had known it would be our last I also would have taken the conversation in a different direction. I would have pleaded with you to stay on the phone, I would have told you how much I adored you, I would have said so much more. It breaks my heart that I didn’t but it breaks even more knowing you’re feeling guilt for cutting it short. I was overjoyed that you were happy, playing with your friends, while I was finding a happiness of my own. That gave me immense comfort as that’s all mothers want for their children when they can’t be together, to know they’re happy without them. Absolve yourself of this guilt. It’s time to let go. You gave your mother a moment of pride and reassurance in that moment, and made it possible for me to continue to enjoy my final moments selfishly, for me, knowing you were well taken care of. 

Prince Harry smiling genuinely for the people

Now to you, my beautiful boy. It pains me to see you at war with your brother. Please try to see the world from his point of view. He doesn’t have the luxury of being the spare (you are scoffing at those words right now, luxury? Really? You’ll see), and I know, right now, you hate being the spare but believe me, as you children grow you’ll be grateful they’re not being held back to be presented as future heirs, they will have freedom that you and William could only dream about.

 His whole life he’s been trained to be the next king. He has decorum, dignity and reserve sewn through his very veins. He cannot speak out for fear of creating severe unrest. Imagine, a tell all autobiography from William, discussing the lack of love from the King, from his grandmother, his lessons on the constitution rather than maths? His favour for the nanny over his own kin? It would blow Britain apart, it would leave everyone in a state of confusion, it would destroy confidence in the monarchy as a whole, it would bring the whole establishment down and if he abdicated it would be his very own children who would be left to pick up the pieces. He doesn’t have that freedom. Some may say he was fortunate to fall in love Kate, Kate, who you remember was vilified by the press for being middle class. Do you recall how wicked the press were to her mother? Simply for not understanding the rules of etiquette at one royal dinner? Kate suffered from the media too and she took the route that you and I seem unable to, the stiff upper lip of silence.

William, by now, may not want to speak out. Like the Queen herself, I have always felt that William was born to be a king. He has the royal thread of monarchy sewn through his veins and he’s taken on his role with gusto, mirroring those who walked before him, resolute in his task to serve the country while keeping decorum, while remaining completely private and being protected by gilt edged walls of stone. You, at the moment, are a problem. Beautiful Harry, you’re bringing about change and no one wants that, not really.

Your own father battled with similar demons to you, he saw a different monarchy, a new way of ruling, a more inclusive, transparent, even more altruistic royal family, yet as the years have wore on and he’s battled with negative opinions over your step mother (barf) I feel he’s not as inclined to share as much with the public as he once was. He speaks from a place of wisdom but also fear. For all of our disagreements I was never in doubt that he loved you and wanted the best for you, he wanted more for you than he had endured. A good school, close to home, true love from the get go and a life out of the public eye. 

He may possibly have seen similarities between Meghan and myself, and this would worry him, a wife eclipsing an heir to the throne, HIS heir to the throne?

Of course he could never understand you on a deeper level. All of his life he’s wanted to be king. He thought he’d be king while still in his prime. He’s prepared for it since his twenties and cycled through so many ideas it makes one dizzy. He doesn’t understand being the spare. Having no definitive role, being seen as less important, being born into a family with a set duty to perform but not being allowed to shine too brightly. I understand it.

As a natural performer I wanted to be a star from a young age, in the beginning the press thrilled me but then I soon realised that being famous wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, especially being famous as a royal. Yet I still needed to be number one for myself, to reach my own full potential, to become the greatest version of myself I could possibly be, and if that attracted attention, so be it. Doesn’t everyone want to be the best? This is when I used the press, without them my charities would not have received the funds they did, the attention they enjoyed, the expertise they needed but as always, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Taking the tunnel out of the picture, it was a constant battle, balancing on a knife edge, trying to find that balance between press for professional pursuits, topics close to my heart and privacy for my personal life. Unfortunately, in the UK tabloids, you can’t have one without the other.

I understand the need to control the narrative but please don’t be naïve. No matter how much an interviewer loves you, an editor adores you, a journalist admires you, if you make one slip up, that will bring them more viewers than you being perfectly you, they will use it. They too want to be the best, they want the sensational headlines, they want the scoop and they want to cause controversy as that makes them the most money. 

Your book is incredible, so well written, so well-remembered, however there are instances where I worry you’re not receiving the right guidance. Are you surrounded by yes men? Do you have anyone who dare let you know you may be making a mistake? Meghan aside Harry, as Meghan is shining brightly herself and has her own dreams to pursue too, do you have a friend, a genuine friend who you trust, who doesn’t want to shine brighter, who is happy remaining anonymous while giving you counsel, in public relations and public image? As right now I feel you’re a little detached from what the people want to see, your love story is beautiful, your achievements commendable, incredible, but there needs to be some humanity, some connection with the common person, not just those in need of charity.

Once you establish that connection, the world is yours to do as you please. 

I fear my death has left a ticking time bomb in you Harry, I see you fighting the battles I conceded to and I really wish you’d just rest. Sit back, take everything you can and adapt, make it work for you and your beautiful family. On your terms. Accept the positives your role gives you, the doors it opens, the people you mingle with and use it to your advantage. This may mean you have to sacrifice a little to gain a lot. You may have to tow the line in certain areas, but if you work it properly, you will be the one who benefits. You, Meghan, and the babies. You’ve a strategic mind yet you’ve not used it to its full potential outside the army. Try it, apply those skills you learned and mastered to your life, your professional life at least, and find ways to keep the peace while getting what you need. By taking on the royal family you’re not simply falling out with siblings, you’re declaring war on the entire Commonwealth. As much as the British moan about the monarchy most, underneath, need it. IT offers stability in an unstable world, reassurance that all is still ok, a sense of pride that many right now are without and a quiet understanding that Britain will always be ok as long as a King or Queen rules. 

You need to get back in the fold Harry. You need to get back to Britain and start working with British charities. You’ve done amazing work overseas but it’s the British people that need you now. They need someone, desperately, to admire, to inspire them, to support them, to understand them, to fight for them. They have no one. You, and Meghan, could be that someone. Don’t let the press chase you away. Don’t let my death make you scared of life. Things are different now, and if your driver is competent, sober and sticks to the speed limit, all will be ok. 

You’re needed Harry, now more than ever, in this world where people don’t know what to think or how to speak. Where they don’t know how hard to work or who to work for. When they don’t know how their next electricity bill will be paid on a minimum wage, or a new pair of shoes will materialise for their daughter starting school. You can be the voice of reason, the man of the people. You can create that connection.

As I found out, once you connect with the British people, the rest will follow and together, you and Meghan can take over the world but baby steps first.

I love you with everything I have, you and your brother. I’m only a whisper away and I am so sorry for leaving you at such a young age. Please rest, relax, take a step back and strategize, you WILL be the prince of the people. The people’s Prince.

Love Mummy xxx