We love dinosaurs and we love gifts so it makes sense we’d create a dinosaur gifts guide to help you find the perfect present for the dinosaur lover in your life. Here’s our pick of the best dinosaur presents for children and adults.

They’re all tested and reviewed and we receive no commission for recommending these to you so you can shop with confidence.

The Knitted Dinosaur

Suitable from birth and machine washable, this dinosaur has been a roaring success since it was first introduced. The medium T Rex retails at £13.99 but is also available in a variety of sizes from a rattle at £9.50 to a Supersize T Rex at £50.00 which makes an imposing addition to any bedroom or nursery.


We’ve seen variations of this around London and wanted to buy one that was of super high quality and would last a lifetime. We’re certain any baby will take this to adulthood as it’s such a beautifully soft toy that a child will never grow out of. We love it and highly recommend this product.

The Chocolate Dinosaur

Lakeland make a chocolate Stegosaurus which is delicious and imposing. It’s fragile so be careful but is great for any dinosaur lover. He’s called the Cottage Delight Choccosaurus.


The Dinosaur Train Track

This Dinosaur Train Track is breath taking in its design and craftsmanship. It’s the perfect height, ensuring there’s no bending over the floor and it’s so simple to play with but so detailed too. It’s our favorite and has won our best product award!

The Dinosaur Light

The T-Rex light sees the T-rex bursting out of the wall and is so simple to install that I did it myself. It works with batteries so there’s no need to worry about wires or electricians and it looks so brilliant in any child’s bedroom


The Brachiosaurus Light and the Stegosaurus Lights are also amazing. Better still you can find them for the best price at Value Lights!


RRP £19.99) https://www.valuelights.co.uk/brachiosaurus-dinosaur-table-lamp-in-white-battery-operated.html

The Dinosaur Ladle

This is a beautiful ladle and a great idea as it stands unaided in a pot. Nessie looks great when peeping out of soup and adds a little fun to any kitchen. You can find Nessie here at Red Candy